Hallowquest-The Arthurian Tarot



I wasn’t at all sure whether I would write this blog. I’ve resolved to work for a year with a deck before and started out as keen as mustard only to let my practice tail off into nothingness.

This time, I didn’t begin blogging right at the outset – I’ve been working with The Arthurian Tarot’s Hallowquest for over a month now, and it feels right. Right to be working with it, and right to be blogging about it.

The Arthurian Tarot isn’t a particularly new deck. It has been around for a wee while now. Created by Caitlin and John Matthews, with artwork done by Miranda Grey, the original card copyright is dated 1990. The edition I have is the 25th Anniversary edition which has a companion book which contains the Hallowquest Course. I originally bought the deck because it has scenes of Hadrians Wall depicted in some of the cards, and I live, and have always lived in striking distance of what is locally known as the Roman Wall. I actually work at Wallsend now. And just as the place name suggests, it’s the end, or the beginning, of the Roman Wall. The Arthurian tales have been part and parcel of my  inner landscape since I was a little girl courtesy of a storytelling granda (thats what we call grandfathers here in the North East of England), and I like and feel at home with the flora and fauna in the cards. It all feels familiar and right, and depicts parts of my being and my life in a ways that are instantly recognisable to me.

This is how the Hallowquest is explained in the companion book:


I see the Arthurian Tarot as more than my inner landscape. I see it as a tool to explore my relationship with the land and landscape that I’m part of. My locality, the earth, and the cosmos as a whole. The seasons and tides and the Hallows, the treasures the earth contains and shares, sometimes at huge cost to herself. The balance between giving to, and accepting from the planet, and the consequences of imbalance.

20180303_144804 The back of The Arthurian Tarot Cards

Around about the same time as I found The Arthurian Tarot (well, re-found really, I let a friend borrow my first copy, and he loved it so much that it now lives with him), I came across a book. It was on a pile of books about to slip onto the floor and it caught my eye as I tried to push the pile safely back onto the SALE table. The book is called Working with Earth Energies by David Furlong, and it concentrates on connection with the earth and nature, and particularly on healing imbalances, injustices and injury to the earth or its energies. The book has had a huge impact on me – one of those game-changing books, and it complements the Arthurian Tarot beautifully.

20180303_144606 Cover detail, Working with Earth Energies

To make the triplicity complete, a couple of local mystics who just happen to produce some beautiful oracle decks had been visited by Ann, a very good friend of mine who owns the local ‘hippy shop’, (yes, here in the UK, we don’t have metaphysical stores, we have hippy shops, crystal shops and spiritual or magickal bookshops), The Celtic Path in The Land of Green Ginger in Tynemouth. She stocks these decks, and I nearly jumped for joy when I saw it, (and immediately bought it). The Wisdom of Merlin Oracle by Edwin Courtenay and Andrew Helme, http://www.spiritlightgallery.co.uk.

20180303_144655 The back of The Wisdom of Merlin Oracle

So here I am, about 6 weeks into Hallowquest, and along with Earth Energies and The Wisdom of Merlin Oracle, I feel as if I’m off to a well starred start – and now the blogging journey begins too. Who knows where it will lead? Perhaps it’s a ‘Road to Nowhere’, (I’ll still take that ride), or perhaps it’s going to lead me to fantastical realms, and deep realisations. Time will tell.

I do hope you will join me on my Hallowquest, and perhaps allow me to walk alongside you on your own travels, both inner and out in the world.


The Hallows of Britain are listed in the wikipedia link below.


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