Tarot: Morning Coffee Muse

I was gazing into space over coffee this morning, shuffling the cards in the same manner that a child would twiddle with a fidget spinner, thinking to myself that I’d like to write today. What could I write about though? I had no idea – so I laid three cards with the question ‘What would be an insightful subject to write about – the root, the trunk and branches, and the leaves. With the base card as the windfallen apple of wisdom to be bitten into and savoured, (or, beginning, middle and end + base card).


The Tarot is a marvellous tool. It has a structure and form that is there not in order to confine, but to be the sturdy rock on which the coral reef grows. I suspect that there is an inherent danger of not lifting one’s head above that rock and allowing creative growth, both in the technical aspects of reading, and the more numinous.


Hence the sighs and grumbles of the bright young things when a longstanding reader cites their aeons of experience. It’s not the length of experience that counts, it’s the depth of that experience and the proactive growth that comes from that experience that warrants recounting.


There is always a new element to absorb, a new inspiration to integrate, a muse to muse upon if one is alert, and questioning, and astute.

Knowing that consistent and constant graft is required to continue to develop as a reader is a foundation for staying fresh perpetually. Incorporating that idea, and allowing it to grow into a useful and beautiful element of Tarot practice isn’t organic. It doesn’t happen by itself. Mastery and flourishing require time, application, bravery and effort.




Sometimes I smile when I teach folks new to Tarot – I remember well wanting to know everything and be proficient – nay masterful in this craft NOW, this instant. Experience has taught me that the use and application of Tarot becomes deeper, more diverse, and even morphs into something completely different to what I had come to believe it to be. A masterful student of the Tarot. Not necessarily by book or course all of the time – but by experimentation and pushing at the known, (or perceived), boundaries of its scope. That is my aspiration.




I want to welcome challenges to my way of thinking, my attitudes, my belief system and prior learning. I want to allow this challenge to enter my psyche, shake up my routines and push me onwards, to a whole new level, or perhaps even a whole new path with the cards. Burgeoning new buds from inspired ideas and applied knowledge. YES.

I suspect for every one of us, at every level, there’s space to alter our perceptions and change the shape of our practice as long as we don’t close our minds. Perhaps the very nature of our reading will change. That’s quite a prospect. It’s scary but right. Why learn if application isn’t the aim? Why experiment if new discoveries are to be ignored?


Windfallen Apple of Wisdom


Are there areas in your reading and use of the Tarot could bear a little extra attention? Are there areas that are blooming and deserve careful nurture? As well as areas that are beginning to wear thin, are becoming a little flaccid and could well be pruned out to make space for new growth to begin and integrate? I know there are areas such as all of these in my Tarot practice – and there will continue to be areas such as all of these as long as I stay fresh and excited by the cards.

I have muses, and role models in the Tarot world whom I’m friends with in the physical world, Liz Dean – a gently spoken and mystical woman who reads with compassion and grace. Friends I’ve only ever interacted with over the internet such as reader and astrologer Sandi Diehl who researches and applies wisdom ancient and young to see what works in practice, and then generously shares her findings. There are those whom I’ve never met or spoken to, but admire from afar – the force of nature and master of the warp and weft of words and magick and folklore and fierceness and cards, Camelia Elias, and the humble and honest Tom Benjamin who journeys through the Tarot and shares his trials and tribulations with the world.

These muses all inspire me – and each displays their own element. The Water of Liz, the Fire of Sandi, the Air of Camelia Elias and the Earth of Tom Benjamin. And being me. The reader that I am – I want to embody them all in some way, shape or form and be my own fifth element.


Thank you morning coffee Tarot


I’d love to hear your experiences.

How about you? How does your morning coffee Tarot inspire you?

Is there anything in this post you agree with, or take exception to?

Who are your Tarot muses? I think it’s good to name them. It shows appreciation.

The Flornoy reproduction of the Noblet Tarot de Marseille is used throughout this post. http://www.tarot-history.com/Jean-Noblet/

Sandi Diehl

Astrologer/Tarot Reader can be found on fb in various Tarot and astrology groups.

Liz Dean


Camelia Elias



Tom Benjamin




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