Tarot Read Mindfully


A big bunch of batons, a Queen watching mayhem in despair, and a King with matters in hand


My brain is too busy today. There are numerous things to do, and as many that are interesting me right now. This overwhelm is making me procrastinate and hop from one job to the next without doing any one of them justice. So I decided to write. I was going to write some more about the Arthurian Tarot and the Wisdom of Merlin Oracle, but there are several different angles I’d like to explore, and as yet am unsure where to start.

So I asked the cards. ‘What shall I start with?’ ‘What can I write about today?’

Subject. Beginning, Middle. Resolution.

‘Write about overwhelm’, they said. ‘Write about finding a way to coolly focus on one or two things in order to break through the sheer volume of conflicting jobs.’ ‘Write about how each thing can only flourish when the load is lightened’. ‘Write about focus, and how the Tarot can help. Let folks know that extracting one of those batons makes it an ace, a clear and successful road ahead’.


Being cunning with one’s resources when passions and desires and chores and work are all piling up like a laundry basket after a fortnight away with three children and a dog, requires the wielding of a cudgel. Stand straight, don’t be weighed down and bonk the unnecessary on the head, beat the ‘I need it now’s’ into submission and choose one thing. One thing that when done, will lighten the load considerably’, which suggests to me, do the very thing I least want to do. Good tactic Royne de Batons – less procrastination.

‘Looking at the chores is like two toddlers fighting on a tiresomely hot day’, says the cards. ‘You know fine well that they need to be dealt with, despite feeling all hot and bothered and in need of a drink’, they continued. ‘Act sooner rather than later, cool them down and soothe them and set them to separate tasks’.

‘What do you mean?’ I ask.

‘If you separate tasks, deal with them before they become urgent, life will be a lot simpler in the long run. Just as it’s no fun to be a child with sunstroke, (or to care for a child with sunstroke), it’s no fun feeling the stress of doing too much at once in a half-assed, half-cocked manner. Not satisfactory at all’.





‘The most masterful way to deal with all of these things you need to get done, want to get done and want to explore is to grasp one of them firmly, turn away from distractions, and focus on it completely, until it is completely completed in as complete a manner as it can be completed at this time. Do not focus more than six feet ahead of you at any given moment, think ace’.


Ah. Mindfulness. One job at a time.

Tarot is a very astute tool.

Now, I’m off to clean the bathroom…

Credit – Flornoy’s reproduction of the Noblet Tarot was used throughout

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