Different Tarot, Different Day…

I often wished that I was one of those folks who was faithful to only one Tarot deck, and that I would find that one deck versatile enough to cover all eventualities. From fortune telling to manifestation, from shadow work to business planning. I’ve made myself all sorts of rules in the past regarding ‘this will be the only deck I use ever again’. I’m crap at rules. I think it’s due to my planets.


Reproduction of the Noblet Tarot by Flornoy



Nowadays, you’ll find me reading with the Noblet most of the time for clients seeking shorter or more general readings, and for myself for most issues really. I enjoy the freedom of interpretation to be found in Marseille style decks, and the Visconti style decks too. Lay the cards and they say their thing.


The extraordinarily huge and difficult to photograph Cary-Yale Visconti Tarot by US Games. Probably not meant to be used for readings, but it does read beautifully



I also work with The Arthurian Tarot alongside the Wisdom of Merlin Oracle – only for myself right now. There’s a year-long course that comes with the deck that explores the self and relationship to the land. It’s quite deep, and involves lots of exercises and inner exploration. I find the discipline of working through something like this very rewarding and insightful. Usually, I take a quick squint at the companion book that comes with a deck and then just pop it in the shelf, but the book that accompanies the Arthurian Tarot is a doozer – I love it. Rather than stop at definitions, questions are offered as responses to drawing certain cards. Useful indeed. I’m not at all sure I’ll ever use this deck with clients, but I find it a real joy to work with myself.


The Arthurian Tarot (below), and The Wisdom of Merlin Oracle (top)


The biggest focus of my work with the Tarot for clients is empowerment, and the majority of my clients are women seeking new ways of expressing their true self. Whether they be at a career crossroads, struggling to find time for themselves due to family, work or other commitments, feeling that their spiritual path needs exploring or seeking their purpose. On these occasions, one Tarot deck and one oracle deck shine out above all of the others that I own. And this surprised me immensely. The Celtic Dragon Tarot, and the Earth Wisdom Oracle.

It took me a while to pinpoint why these decks work so well for so many of the women that I read for.


The Celtic Dragon Tarot and the Earth Wisdom Oracle


The deck is light and quite airy to look at, pale grey marbled borders with watercolour illustrations. Feminine in so many ways (perhaps because the author and artist are women), without being namby-pamby or overly sentimental. But the dragons, oh my word the dragons! Freedom, fierceness, playfulness, strength, power, vulnerability, humour. It’s all displayed in the images of the dragons. The imagery is not overtly religious and despite my describing the cards as airy looking – there is also an earthiness in there too. Common sense advice and insights to apply in everyday mundane life from fantastical creatures from another dimension.

The Swords in this deck are assigned the element of fire as they are wielded in passion, and the Wands are designated air as they are a tool of focus and will.

The Earth Wisdom Oracle is beautifully illustrated, simple and to the point, and brings a reading to a close in a most satisfying manner.

Please note – all of the above points of view are subject to change at any time. The opinions expressed are the truth for me right now.

Do you have decks for purposes? Perhaps you use what you fancy on the day? Or are you one of those people I’m so jealous of that uses one deck for every occasion? I’d love to hear your thoughts

Featured decks:

Flornoy’s Noblet Tarot

Cary-Yale Visconti Tarrochi Deck by Thierry Depaulis and Stuart R. Kaplan published by US Games inc.

The Arthurian Tarot by Caitlin and John Matthews, cards illustrated by Miranda Gray and published by Connections Book Publishing.

The Wisdom of Merlin Oracle by Edwin Courtenay and Andrew Helme http://www.spiritlightgallery.co.uk

The Celtic Dragon Tarot by D.J. Conway and Lisa Hunt, published by Llewellyn

The Earth Wisdom Oracle by Barbara Moore with artwork by Cristina Scagliotti, published by Lo Scarabeo

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