Tarot? Not today…


Frustration, puzzlement and a need to just chill out and read.

I know I can read the Tarot and can get by pretty well with Lenormand, but it really gets my goat that I still find playing cards an enigma.

I Found a superb course on reading playing cards on Udemy by Twelve of Hearts Cartomancy that has loads of resources, step by step instructions to work through spreads progressing to a deeper level each time, and a final examination consisting of a submission of three readings for assessment.


A small selection of the Resources from the course


I did really well in the assessment, but here I am right now and I can’t read the damned cards!


Why can’t I read the damned cards? Erm……… dunno


So. Back to basics.

I’ve decided I need to apply the ‘just read the damned cards’ principle and work through the Fortune-Tellers Journal that comes with the course. The Tarot cards will remain in the work bag, and no matter how frustrating, how puzzling or discombobulating I find the playing cards, I’m going to stick with them.

I have this sneaking suspicion I’m missing the point somewhere with the playing cards, Kristen (who created this course and several others as well as decks of cards and a blog), did point out to me that the playing cards are an analytical tool, whereas the Tarot is more intuitive, and that the kind of detail that the Tarot is a bit poorer at picking up – body type, full range of skin tones, exact timing, yes/no and finding lost items are the strengths of the playing cards.

But, and here is where my mind is doing flips, why does the Tarot feel kind of sacred to me and the playing cards don’t? Lenormand doesn’t have that sacred feel either, and this is just nuts. The cards are only as sacred as we make them. And you know what? I’m going to make my 99p Wilko playing cards as sacred to me as my beloved Noblet, and then I’m going to make my Maybe Lenormand just as sacred, and then I’ll pull my Psycards out and do the same with them.

I’ve read several books on cartomancy before settling on the Twelve of Hearts Cartomancy method – one book talked about the little demon in the cards, and having to tame it before reading with them, commanding the deck to behave and keeping it under a religious artefact so that it didn’t fall prey to possession (I’m still not sure if the author was serious – and I may be exaggerating a wee bit now), and I’ve read a wonderful couple of books by an author whose father read playing cards, and illustrated playing card decks, (but if I’m going to read playing cards, I want them to be just that), a speed learning book that was ok, The Witch of Poor memory and it’s sequels. So enough is enough now – it’s time to get down to business and get these new neural pathways bedded in.


My 99p Divination Tool


In retrospect, my journey with Lenormand was quite similar, I read too many books. I think one book until the mojo is found in any discipline should be my rule from now on. Reading further later on in the journey is surely much more sensible. My middle-aged brain does much better with one stream of information at a time.


I’d be interested to hear how others approach learning a new discipline and get over this ‘this can’t possibly be as good as ________’ (insert tool of choice).

Twelve of Hearts Cartomancy, Your Future is in the Cards: https://www.udemy.com/user/twelveofheartscartomancy/?src=sac&kw=twelve%20of%20hearts

By the same Tutor:                                                                                                            https://over-the-moon-academy.teachable.com/

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