Tarot for Who I AM

Things have been weird lately. You know when you just have a sense of things changing? An uncomfortable feeling of flux?

I asked the Tarot ‘Who am I?’, and quietly laid the cards.


Who am I? A celtic cross, 1. Who I am right now, 2. What holds me from moving forward, 3. Where I’m coming from, 4. Where I’m going heading to, 5. Subconscious patterns, 6. What tickles at my consciousness, 7. How the world sees me, 8. The effect of the world upon me, 9. Advice for moving forward, 10. The outcome if I follow this advice. Bottom L, base card, an overview of the message of the spread, and an oracle card ‘Who am I’


I’m changing, transforming. The time for naval gazing has long since passed.


The days of shooting ever higher, trying to identify my place in the world and missing. Keeping my eyes on the prize that ever eluded me, buying the perfect gift to myself that would make me more. Done with that shit. No. More.

Calamity, failure, striving for that elusive something, buying ‘stuff’, reading, reading, reading. It’s the school of life. And the school of life is lifelong. The trick is recognising I’m at school. Always. Forever.


In that rootedness comes a solid, nourishing base to create from. No shame or inhibition in that creation. Raw earthy, down and dirty get it out there sister type creation. Activism in words and stitches and DOING. In boxing the metaphorical ear of the stink of materialism and it’s children – pollution, greed, poverty and exploitation, taking, taking, violently taking. Of subduing the spark of the earth and its inhabitants to the point of submission. Anger in these circumstances is sacred.



The old ways may not be deemed civilised in 2018, but the cycles of the universe were recognised. Life, death, ebb and flow, connectivity and respect. Giving to the earth in return for her gifts.


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The tide is turning. I’m turning. Into every space in the weft and warp of the fabric I weave is a spark. My spark. My divine piece of source. That divine piece of source that resides in every component of every  cell.


As I weave it grows brighter, along with my strength. The open-hearted power that burns fiercely and bright will shine loud and strong and joyful in its sacred warriordom.



The decks used in this piece are The Wildwood Tarot by Will Worthington and the Oracle of The Pagan Spirit by Edwin Courtenay and Andrew Helme

Who are you? Are you completely and utterly sure? Will you be the same tomorrow? Were you the same yesterday?


I’d love to know who you are.

5 thoughts on “Tarot for Who I AM

  1. Gosh Fay this is an incredible read. Powerful. I’m gobsmacked at your skill in translating the traditional CC to suit your personal read. Much impressed 😘

    Liked by 1 person

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