A Tarot Call to Action


I wanted to write today, it’s a beautiful day, there’s a blustery westerly, and taking pictures for a blog post was the perfect excuse to enjoy a Beltane early afternoon at the beach.

As is often the case, I didn’t know what to write about despite feeling the urge. So as is often the case, I asked the Tarot.

What needs to be said today Noblet?

Line 1 – The subject matter, line 2 – The body, line 3 – The message

Very old Tarot deck, with a very current topic – Noblet circa 1650

The Tarot is adept at honing in on subject matter that has been spinning about uncontrolled in the mind of the seeker, today was no exception – all will become clear.

Thinking about our planet, what has been, is being done to it. The lack of respect afforded the earth right now, the enormity of the task of setting things right on a global scale is overwhelming. One small person, one huge planet – the machine of industrialisation churning ever faster, ever bigger. One small person, one huge planet – I wish I could wave a magic wand and make everything clean again, green again, growing again, fertile again, revered again. One small person, one massive planet.

The awesome size of the destruction going on versus the insignificant helplessness of me – one small person keeps me frozen, looking on sad eyed and imobile while the tide of destruction comes in.

One small person, one huge planet

Those Face Book memes that show a universe with an arrow pointing to a dot in the cosmos telling us how insignificant we are don’t help. One small person may well be insignificant. En masse, we may just have a chance to make a difference, make a change.

A different perspective is necessary – looking up and seeing the glory is brilliant, awesome and worth while – looking down and seeing the little picture may well be the key when it comes to making small but positive changes.

A different perspective – I can do this!




If I, and you, and everybody else just do something small – tiny even, and often. Perhaps changes, healing, cleansing on our earth will be possible. We have to do something!

That fishing line was put into the bin – which really, is only moving the problem from one place to another, but it’s a start. That plastic has gone into the recycle – it’s a part of a milk bottle.

Little steps at the beach, little steps when shopping, little steps when wondering whether to buy ‘the new thing’, it’s all kaizen.

I couldn’t shift this orange plastic box myself, a friendly fisherman gave me a hand

We need to feel discomfort, conflicted and unhappy about the way our planet is treated. It’s only by physically doing little things, and more little things, and incorporating this kaizen into the most fundamental level of our everyday lives that we will have any chance of restoring any measure of stability.


It’s only by making changes, that there can be change.

Was it Einstein that said doing the same things and expecting a different outcome is insanity?

Let’s do different things. Little things, more and more different little things.


The reason I said that cards are brilliant at honing in on the stuff whirling around in our brains is that this morning I joined Tree Sisters. One of my little steps.

I’m not preaching here, this post was borne of a Tarot spread, and I have a long way to go before I can call myself eco friendly or green or a warrior. I realised as I walked in my fron door that I’d walked past a ton of rubbish on my way back and hadn’t picked it up.

Thank you Noblet. You inspired me not just to write, but also to DO.

Treesisters can be found at  http://www.treesisters.org/


I’d love to hear what Tarot has inspired you to do

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