Tarot Procrastination, Tarot Delight


Game of Thrones Tarot by Liz Dean, illustrated by Craig Coss

The Game of Thrones Tarot recently came into my life. I’ve had two excuses going around in my head since it came as to why I was putting off getting to grips with it. A/ I tend to avoid the Rider Waite Smith system. Like with key words, I sometimes can’t see past the given meanings, and B/ I hadn’t watched Game of Thrones since season #5, and how could I possibly do the cards justice in a reading when three years behind in the story?

Yup. Excuses.

Procrastination would be more accurate.

The joy of a brand new deck. The welcome celebration over. An ambition achieved.

There are a bunch of much loved decks in the deck box. A joy to read for self and others. Comfort decks to turn to in times of strife or deep questioning. All there. All familiar. Do I really need to go to all of the trouble of overcoming my Rider Waite Smith Phobia, getting reacquainted with the story and bringing myself up to date with the comings and goings of the Seven Kingdoms and getting out of my comfort zone when my mind cries out for that sweet comfort?

Well, duh, yes. That’s how journeys begin. By moving off of first base and getting one’s faculties into action. It’s fine eating Nan’s kidney stew with onions and peas for the rest of your natural life, but your digestive system will become sluggish and you’ll lack other nutrients, so you need to be brave and try the Watch’s bitter beer to shake up the taste buds and whet your appetite for new and different fodder.

Be like Tyrion – scare the shit out of yourself by just doing something. Unlike the situation in Tyrion’s Fool moment – a new deck won’t potentially burn you to a crisp and eat you. Violently. With drool and big teeth.

The above is simply a fun read on my slow start with the Game of Thrones Tarot, but it rings very true. I’ve spent the bank holiday binge watching Game of Thrones with the deck in front of me. The artwork is beautiful, and if you’re a Rider Waite Smith reader you’ll be able to pick it up and read with it from the get go without any knowledge of Game of Thrones whatsoever. But that would be a real shame. The delight I’ve had in matching cards to scenes has been immense, and the characters and situations depicted throughout the deck, (right throughout the deck – no disappointing pip cards in this Tarot) are genius. They all relate to actual scenes in Game of Thrones.

I have a feeling that this deck will be a great all rounder, it’s matter of fact and straight talking and has a very earthy feel to it. The antique tones in the cards, and graphic novelesque illustration work beautifully, and look stunning in spreads – can you tell I’m warming to these cards?

I need to give them a good workout with something fun. If I’ve learned nothing else in my years reading the Tarot, the best way to really get to know a deck comes from relaxing with them, playing, consistently reading with them in a fun and flexible way and face book challenges are my go to for this, (Check out Tarot Rebels and join in the fun).

The Game of Thrones saga is every bit as rich and deep as most of the myths and legends I’ve come across in archetype, story and message, and the saga, overlaid onto the system of Tarot adds a depth I hadn’t foreseen – and that the cards themselves sparkle in the sunlight only adds to my joy. Not fairy sparkles – think sunlight on rippling water.

The second Tarot deck that has come into my life (only last week), is the Gothic Moon Tarot. Another deck illustrated by a graphic artist, Jae Billingham and Ophelia Jade. The character featured throughout the deck is Gabriel. I rather love Gabriel. He is shortly to feature in his own graphic novel which will be the companion book to the deck.


I’ve had a lot of fun playing with this Tarot – it begs to be read by candle light – it positively glows. It reads differently in strong light to subdued lighting because certain elements are revealed in full light, and others are more prominent in a more ambient setting. These cards are also stunning in a spread and readable from the get go – and I’m guessing, as with all decks as familiarity with the cards grows – depths become deeper and deeper.

The cards tell a story. An accurate and on point story in an engaging and forthright manner in a reading. I like their voice. I like Gabriel, (did I already mention that I like Gabriel? He has an air of Johnny Depp at his darkest, but a sense of humour still shines through). Silver gilding adds to the mood with these cards. As would a slim wristed reader sporting black fingerless lace gloves, a steampunk frock with torn fishnet stockings and a pair of new rocks.

The court cards will have a blog post all of their own. They’re different, and innovative and put a whole new slant on these people cards – the new slant works extremely well in my opinion – but yes, a whole blog post on the court cards to follow.

The point of this blog post is this – if you have decided what kind of cards you read best with. What kind of cards are most sacred, give most depth, make you the best reader, I encourage you. Nay implore you to try some cards you never thought you would enjoy reading with. You will definitely stretch your puzzle solving muscles, test your intuition and may just find decks as utterly enjoyable as I have. And if not? Then you’ve forked out less than you would have spent on a night out at the cinema or the pub, saved yourself a hangover and exercised your brain rather than scoffing pizza or nachos.


Have you had happy surprises with Tarot decks, or perhaps fallen face first in the mud with ones you ‘knew’ you would love but didn’t? How do you get to know your decks intimately? Do you procrastinate, or pine for old faithfuls? I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments


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