Tarot from The Void

The void. That space between one phase ending and another beginning it. I think most of us can sense endings approaching and recognise the need to either act or go with the flow to make the best of the change. But what about the void? That place where we sometimes feel bereft, at a loose end, confused.

The place actors call ‘between jobs’, freelancers recognise and both yearn for and dread. The place recently separated lovers call heartbreak, and those whose children have flown the nest call silence.

photo of galaxy
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

This post is not about the Tower moments when upheaval and shock can paralyse, or demand decisive and speedy action. This is about the times when a phase comes to an end, or is coming to an end and we sit in the pause…

So. How do we deal with this void? This hinterland between one phase and the next? Reactions I’ve witnessed and experienced myself can be a lack of focus, desperately trying to grab back onto the old phase, ‘mercury mind’, low mood, loss of self confidence, fear.

Perhaps the Tarot can help you or the people you read for. It has helped me, and people for whom I’ve read.

I’ve adapted the relationship spread which appeared at the end of my previous blog post to explore the Void and how to navigate it.

Message from The Void Spread – 1. What is ending/has ended. 2. What I have learned. 3. Where I’m at right now. 4. How I can make the best use of this time in The Void. 5. Strengths/attributes I possess to help me through, and out of the other side of The Void. 6. Weaknesses to be aware of in myself at this time. 7. Advice. 8. Possibilities arising from this time in The Void. 9. Message from the Void, the base card (see text for explanation).


There are nine cards in the spread, and after reading it as a whole, can quite neatly be broken down into three spreads of three cards 1,2&3, 4,5&6, 7,8&9. The final card, the wild card, the message from the Void, is a kind of gift. It’s the base card. The card taken from the bottom of the pack after the first eight are laid. It will cover an angle that you may have overlooked/ignored/which has not even entered your conciousness yet. As such, the message may take a while to filter in and will probably merit journaling about or musing upon whilst you wash the pots, walk the dog or weed the garden (or whatever routine task you do that doesn’t take too much thinking about.


I’ve tried the spread out for myself and found it insightful. It’s definitely not a spread to be read in a 10 minute coffee break and then packed away and forgotten about!


Do you pick up the Tarot when you sense the wheel turning? Or perhaps whilst ‘in the Void’? I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

Tarot cards used throughout are the Zillich Tarot by Christine Zillich, published by US Games.

The original Relationship Spread was taken from ‘Branches of The Celtic Tarot’,  the companion book to The Celtic Tarot by Christopher Hughes.

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