The Healing Tarot – A Spread From a Rachel Pollack Interview


Earlier today I was listening to an interview with George Koury and Rachel Pollack. Some way through the interview my ears pricked up, I almost missed something that excited me so I went back a minute or two and re-listened.

George Koury mentioned seeing Rachel Pollack lay cards directly onto a person during a workshop and witnessing quite a remarkable reaction from the woman who was, in effect, receiving healing. Rachel Pollack went on to describe how and where she lays the cards – the ‘spread’ so to speak.

There are two ways I can see this laying of cards working. It is highlighting any areas of concern and it can be suggesting healing depending on the intention set prior to shuffling.

I can’t see any reason why a person can’t do this spread on a table using the positions shown below if necessary.

This process in itself could well be a healing one, but it could also be worked from, to enhance the healing – energy healing, reiki, shamanic healing, crystals, pulling a card for any position that shows work is needed for advice. I guess the choice is as wide as the healing modalities out there.

Here’s the spread – too good not to share!


  1. Head – Thinking
  2. Mouth – Saying
  3. Heart – Feeling
  4. Solar Plexus – Knowing
  5. Groin – Desiring
  6. Non Dominant Hand (which ever that may be) – Holds Back
  7. Dominant Hand – Gives
  8. Non Dominant Foot – Coming From
  9. Dominant Foot – Going To

The link for the interview is here :

I haven’t tried this yet, but am excited about doing so. I’d be very interested in hearing if you have tried something similar.
*Also worth thinking about is the Tarot spread and healing in trance spoken about by Rachel Pollack in the interview.

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