Reality Check Tarot – Looking for Evidence in a Spread

I don’t know about you, but when I’ve been focussing on a particular area of my life the rest can get a bit neglected. This morning it dawned on me that my head was up my ass as I’ve been looking at work, and getting some writing done over the past few weeks, and I knew exactly which deck to turn to to pull it swiftly back out again.

‘Oops, I did it again. I got all one track minded. Where would be a good place to redirect my focus?’


As I often do, I I laid out  a good old fashioned celtic cross. In questions like this it gives a good plump cushion of a response. Well rounded, useful and full of evidence for its initial response.

As I often do, I laid out the cards from a very non traditional, not old fashioned deck of Tarot cards – Graffiti Tarot by Ursa Tarot. In my head, it’ll always be the Banksy Tarot.

It’s astute, and probing and calls you out. It often causes discomfort with its imagery, but it always seems to end a read with a wink, and a ‘well you did ask’ kind of vibe.

Immediately, I see that the spread is looking in at my work situation – the ‘ding’ of recognition that I love when I’m reading for myself and love even more when I’m reading for others. So not really a redirection of focus. More a call to action (or, as I was to discover in looking more deeply into the spread, inaction – at least for a while).

L. What led me to this point, C. The Focus – Judgement/what crosses – King Of Aerosols, R. Where this all seems to be going

The horizontal of the cross talks about the recent overhaul I’ve done with my work focus, and reminds me of the necessity to stay on the ball so as to keep it fresh


Which is backed up by the foundation card (see what I mean about evidence?) – this would be the Eight of Cups in a more traditional RWS based deck. It speaks of the perpetual need for re-evaluation and re-defining of goals and not being afraid to let go of what holds me stagnant, even when there’s been a lot of heart and soul poured into the ‘now’ situation.

And that 10 of Anarchy, (wands), in my higher conciousness position sitting right on the head of the King of Anarchy is a reminder to keep an eye on my workload. Busy is good. Burn out is crap, (evidence again – in another post, on another day I may talk about times when the spread doesn’t provide evidence for its conclusions).


This vertical quadruplet of the cross is the key of this spread for me – weeding my garden. The fine balancing act between following a new call or inspiration, but in doing so letting other things drop away to make sure the workload remains manageable and well managed.

And onto the upright where the bottom two cards are looking at my attitude to the issue in hand 3 of Aerosols (wands) , (work, workload, working on what makes my soul sing), and how my environment impacts on it. I immediately see that my urgent push, push, push for bigger, better, faster, more is being thwarted by an environment that doesn’t want to move. The Hanging man. The universe wants to stay still for a wee while and have a think about the consequences of actions. An uncomfortable pairing of cards for Mrs Total Lack of Patience here, but I think that there is a lesson to be learned. When the universe says slow down – slow down (more evidence in support of that vertical in the cross of the celtic cross). Bitter experience has taught me that in situations such as this, the push, push, pushing only ends in a toppling Tower.


The advice and outcome here tell me that the feeling of urgency is a bit of a misnomer. The people aren’t going to disappear, my ideas and aspirations aren’t going to go out of stock, or cost any more if they are sat upon for a while. The legacy of what I do doesn’t need to be dramatic and explosive, infact, lasting legacies tend to be the ones worked upon in a slower, gentler, more relaxed manner (more evidence that the central theme of the spread regarding regulating work and workload, whilst remaining true to my callings is key).


The base card – which would be Justice in a RWS based deck is Hearts and Minds (I always take the card from the bottom of the deck to give me the overall theme of the read – sometimes it gives a beautiful golden nugget of advice too as an added bonus). The phrase that came to mind when I laid this card was ‘walk gently upon the earth’. It speaks to me of lightness and honesty of purpose being the core of my work. That a gentle approach will be far more effective than steaming in all warlike and destructive belting out motorhead and firing guns. I’d only burn my inner forest to the ground with the napalm of impatience.


I do hope you can see from my explanation of this spread why I search for evidence. A central tenet surrounded by disconnected or nebulous and random connections wouldn’t make for a satisfactory reading – either when reading for self or others. I’ll write a follow-up post on what can be done when a spread seems to be a discombobulated mess of misinformation and randomness at some point.

I think I ought to add a wee disclaimer here – I don’t play guitar – I listen. And sing. Badly, (the Harry Potter theme on the ocarina is about my level of musical attainment), and I don’t ride motorbikes, I ride pillion (and love it, it makes me laugh ecstatically and feel free as a bird. Experience has taught me, and those whose bikes I’ve dropped, bumped, fallen off or struggled to change gear on, that I’m far better off at the blunt end of a motorbike).

The Graffiti Tarot is currently in the process of being printed, so it’ll be available to purchase before long. I can highly recommend the deck, it’s unique, and it pokes at your conscience. Calls you out when you’re being narrow or hypocritical – but retains its sense of humour.

As always, I’m very interested to hear any thoughts, observations, hints and tips that you might have regarding the content of the post – or regarding anything really. I just like to chat!

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