Tarot – The Only Divination Deck You’ll Ever Need – Part 2


In this post, I’ll outline a method of adopting the analytical focus of the playing cards to use with a Tarot deck to discover physical descriptions.  I like travelling light, having flexibility of function in my tools, and I like the Tarot. A lot. Before working with playing cards, (and lenormand), I hadn’t found satisfactory ways of divining timings, finding lost things or putting together precise and detailed descriptions of people with the cards. Now I have, and I’m sharing on the off chance, that someone else may find these methods useful.

In the system of playing card divination that I learned (link at bottom of post), Hearts = Cups, Diamonds = Coins, Spades = Swords and Clubs = Wands.


Looking for a physical description in the Tarot can be tricky, but there is a precise method that can be used by laying three cards.

1/ Build, 2/ Complexion, 3/ Hair and eye colour.

Very briefly:

Cups people tend to have fair skin and hair, light coloured eyes and be soft and plump.

Coins people tend to have mid coloured or red hair, a ruddy complexion, mid coloured eyes and a strong, stocky physique.

Wands people tend to have very dark skin (black or brown), hair and eyes, and a lean athletic physique.

Spades people tend to have olive skin, dark hair and eyes and be very thin.

Additional information can be gleaned if a court card is drawn in any of the positions.

NOTE: The title of Knight is ignored for the purposes of looking at physical descriptions – they are treated as if they were cards 1 – 10 of their suit.

Pages 1/ recent weight change, 2/ baby faced, 3/ recent change to hair

Queens 1/ Short, 2/ Film star looks, 3/ Long hair

Kings 1/ Tall, 2/ Facial hair or wrinkled skin, 3/ Balding or grey hair.

So. In a spread, another person is indicated as playing a part in a situation. I am unclear who this person is (I know that the person has a very positive forthright energy, and is likely to have a mature outlook because the King of Wands represented them). I asked the cards to describe this person and the cards that were dealt were

1/ Ace of Swords, 2/ Page of Wands, 3/ Six of Coins

So this person is very thin, baby faced with very dark skin, brown or red hair and deep blue/hazel/light brown eyes.

If you turn up a major arcana card whilst divining appearance, simply keep turning until you come to a minor arcana card for the position.

You can either gather up the cards in the spread in order to ask about the physical description, or use the remaining cards in the deck (which is my usual method).

As with the timing method used in the previous blog post, intent and consistency are key. Use the same method, with the same attributes for the cards every time and you programme yourself and whatever energy posers your tool to give you accurate results.

This post only gives a brief overview and a glimpse of the potential to find detailed descriptions of people with the Tarot. There is much more information available, and hints and tips to get further and more detailed descriptions of people, their attributes and their relationship to you in a course called ‘Your Future is in The Cards’, by Twelve of Hearts Cartomancy on Udemy  https://www.udemy.com/your-future-is-in-the-cards/learn/v4/overview which I highly recommend if you’d like to learn to read playing cards.




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