Autumn Funk and Lenormand

This week has been a funny old week, one of those where there’s been a sadness, and a confusion. What’s to be sad about?

Well, it’s autumn. A poignant season of letting the extraneous, the spent and that which saps the energy go. I’m in that weird place betwixt and between.

Almost menopause, not quite. Adolescence in reverse. A WTF time. A bit of a non place.

Business has been poor – almost five years of shoulder to the wheel with very little headway.

A month of shadow work based on the beautiful, wistful Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows by John Koenig.

A poorly partner.

Well, a few things I guess and I put it to the lenormand ‘What’s all of this sadness about then?’.

‘I can see clearly now the rain has gone’

Now lenormand isn’t the tool I work most strongly with, but this wee run of five with the sixthth card, the base card, underneath the third as additional info for the focus tells my situation as it is.

It became clear that the obstacles were just too much and I’ve taken on work from home that involves conversing with lots of people every day. This will transform the way I read (Letter is often lenormand in my readings, and book is often Tarot, it all comes from the context). Now, I wasn’t planning on using the lenormand for work – I took it for granted that I would use the Tarot, my primary tool. But here sits an idea to work with.

So – from clarity about what I needed to let go


To the job I’ve just accepted (working from home, conversing with many).


To the prospect of rebooting, reinvigorating and reanimating my skills by working with the tool that I’m weaker with as a part of my new job.


I’ve gone from hopeless, to hopeful in six little cards.

The other funk sources can be addressed on another day.

Try it – with your tool of choice, in the language of your choice, in the voice of your choice. See if you can tip the balance.

The Cards used in this post are Monica Bodirsky’s House of Shadows Lenormand which you can buy directly from her website

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