How To Get The Most From Your Tarot Reading


Be Clear What You Want From The Session

Do you have a burning question that you need an answer to?

Do you have an issue that you’d like to explore?

Do you have choices to make, and need more insight before you feel able to make them?

Do you feel stuck and want to explore ways to begin moving forward again, (in any area of life)?

Do you feel as if you can’t see the wood from the trees, and need to tease out the situations, personalities, issues, obstacles in order to get a clear picture?

Do you want to check in with yourself, just to make sure that you are on top of things?

Do you feel muddled – not entirely sure what you’re looking for, but could sure do with finding points to touch base with – strengths to hold onto, areas in which to develope?

I know that I can give the very best service to the people who walk into a session with questions, or stream of conciousness situations that need to be unpicked and explored. Questions can be broken down and each element of the situation scrutinized, worked through and then useful ways forward can be identified.


In order to make sure the issues that are of greatest import to you, interact with the reader, ask questions, say which areas you’d like to explore further, ask about alternative pathways, different ways things can be done to get a better/alternative outcome that suits you best.

If you feel that I have’t grasped your question, tell me. I’d much rather be helping you to look at the things that matter to you than be winging off on a tangent that is of little or no interest to you.

Be Prepared To See Difficult Things As Well As Lovely Things

Things don’t always turn out the way we want them to. Life is not always smooth sailing. The Tarot acknowledges this and reminds us that we need to deal with issues, obstacles, the actions of others, our skewed expectations of ourselves, and times of sorrow, anger and distress.

If you are able to be open to hearing about difficulties, then it is much more feasible that you will find ways to deal with them, work around them or minimise their effects.

Allow Insights, Plans and Predicted Outcomes to Filter Before Taking Action

Unless there is a definite need for you to act urgently, it is usually a good idea to let the reading settle with you for at least a few days before you take your positive actions.

Take Notes, Record The Session, Photograph the Cards

It has been stated (and I’m afraid I can’t remember where), that from a reading, the client will go away remembering between four and nine points. The scope of a 45 minute session can be so much bigger than four to nine points.

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*A quick disclaimer – not all Tarot readers work in the same way that I do. It’s always wise to investigate – see if the reader you are about to book with has a website, or a facebook page, or give them a phonecall. I’m sure that readers would prefer to know that they are giving you a service that will be of value to you.

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