Lumen’s Illumination. A Tale From Three Cards.


Lumens had made it to the top. He’d reached all of his goals – business, wealth, relationships and social media notoriety. Nothing was floating his boat any more. The joy was gone. Losing that joy left him feeling bereft and hollow. He had voids to fill and he could feel himself getting that Robbie Williams unhinged look in his eyes. He recognised the ‘is this all there is?’ syndrome draining him of his life force, his vitality, his va va voom.

Before life turned into a train wreck, (as that’s what was on the cards if he didn’t take timely action), he knew he had to make peace with himself.

Lumens took himself off to a retreat in the forest. I think most of us would visualise a sparsely furnished rustic cabin, perhaps off-grid, perhaps with a vegetable patch, a well, and plentiful game to hunt for protein. This was Lumens though. A retreat in the forest was a state of the art tree house in the shape of a flying saucer with three hundred and sixty-degree panoramic window and viewing stage. He felt its ‘cool’ appeal and the thought crossed his mind that a tiny house youtube video would probably prompt an awful lot of likes, and even more views and subscribes. But those details don’t matter really. The point is, Lumens had taken himself out of the world that he knew and plopped himself down in the middle of a forest with only his vinyl collection and a weekly hamper of groceries from Fortnum and Mason to distract him from his epic search for peace.

His taste in music was eclectic to say the least. From Gary Numan to The Pogues. From AC/DC to Enya. It was all in there. He set about the serious business of finding peace. Contentment. Fulfilment.

He strived. He searched. He tried to force his thoughts into submission. Tried to fight his way out of his angst. But he couldn’t do it – it was too hard.

So he gave up trying.

It was a hopeless task.

Resignedly, he threw his overgrown beard over his left shoulder to keep it out of the way and picked up the last record in his collection. Blindly, hopelessly. He shoved the annoying beard into the neck of his grubby t-shirt as he placed the needle in the groove and flopped back onto the orange velour window seat (that ran all the way around the room below the epic window), and closed his eyes.

At first, he didn’t notice the dulcet tones of the tokens

‘A weeeeee a weeeeah weee a wimaway’

‘In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight’

‘In the village, the quiet village, the lion sleeps tonight’

His eyes sprang open.


Begads he had it! At last, the peace he sought.

The lion had slept since he entered the jungle (or more precisely, he had escaped the angst of social media. It hadn’t entered his head over the past few days that needed to be an influential influencer or IG his yoga poses or avocado on toast with pea shoots, or felt compelled to create stimulating content for his blog in order to maintain his online marketing sales funnel).

He’d been so busy getting angsty over his lack of peace and quiet strength, that he hadn’t allowed himself to recognise that all along, that serene but powerful pussycat at his core was there. Purring contentedly in the warmth.

Lumens picked up a set of bright yellow mala beads that just happened to be right next to him on the window seat, tied his legs into a half lotus, and began to chant………..

………………….       A wimaway, a wimaway, a wimaway, a wimaway       ……………

And slowly, hesitantly at first, that twisting writhing snake of unsettling angst that had roiled and wound around his guts headed off into the woods.


Be like Lumens.

Forget being an influencer for five minutes

Pick up your beads

And follow the words until they resonate deep within your soul



The Tarot Cards Used in this illuminating tale of one man’s quest for inner peace are the Golden Dawn Temple Tarot by Wendrich Arthouse

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