Change is OK

Freshness, a change up in vibe, a desire to find something different in readings. I’ve found my approach to reading cards altering and shifting.

I don’t want to approach reading for others by probing around in the shadows – by being unapologetic about presenting folks with the stark views of their situation and their choices. By affirming how crappy and perhaps disturbing aspects of their life are. Yes these are truths, but there is definitely more than one way to approach and view truth.

In a world whose vibration is rising, I don’t want to be devoted to a system whose vibe is centuries old. Whose imagery is class and earth-bound.

I DO want to acknowledge difficulties, but as a transformational possibility. I want to acknowledge the great and light aspects that each person has within them. To help them find, and work towards living out their life purpose and the part that each and every happening in our lives can lead us towards that.

I DO want to help people find their creativity, their voice and ways to use that voice to speak their truth and in doing that help more to find their voice and speak their truth.

I DO want to help others realise that they can rise above limitations and find their own freedoms – however small they might be at that moment. To help them realise that limitations change over time – sometimes more limitations, sometimes less and that they can create a fulfilling life around responsibilities and limitations, and perhaps enhanced by these limitations.

I’ve used Tarot for more than half of my life in my quest to help people. To enable them to find their healing and their potential. I’ve used runes, and lenormand and playing cards with the same intent.

Nowadays, I’m finding that oracle cards are suiting my approach perfectly. No system, just free reading. Freedom in reading and the opportunity for very interactive readings as there isn’t a system to live up to – absolutely intuitive.

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  • What colour stands out to you?
  • Put your finger on the part of the card that stands out to you.
  • Does this remind you of anything?

I guess I’ve read Tarot like this pretty much for a while, but I felt I could do with stepping away from the tradition for a while.

With oracle, there’s no inhibition because there’s no system. There’s no expert. Only a collaboration between the person who is laying the cards and their partner, the person they are laying the cards for. The reader is simply an interpreter for the person sitting next to them noticing what is in the cards. That’s my way anyhow. No books, just cards and a layout or three.

There will be Tarot readers chomping at the bit here, shouting at the screen, telling me that we can do all of this with the Tarot. And yes, we can, but those images loaded with centuries worth of meaning, and the reader/read-for divide, and the seekers who know a little about the structure and meanings imposed upon Tarot cards, putting ‘meaning’ on the cards inhibits me, and them.

So, right now I feel freed up, refreshed and invigorated reading with oracle and lifting the vibe in a way that I haven’t been able to manage with Tarot up to now. The seeker can freely use their intuition, and I can freely use mine to find pathways, hopeful windows of opportunity and their own innate strengths and tools to make the very best of their situations and prospects.

I have no doubt that I shall continue to read and enjoy the Tarot forever, and I have regulars who will settle for nothing other than Tarot, but am loving the free and improvisational nature of oracle cards at the moment.

Change is OK. I like it.

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