Oracle Cards – Making Light Work of Lightwork


Lighting folks up. Inspiring them. Uplifting and motivating. Clear connection, communication, guidance and direction from the angelic realms. This is what I experience when I work with oracle cards.

I’ve shunned oracle for years as ‘the softies choice’, preferring the badass Tarot.

I thought each oracle deck was to be treated as a completely different beast with its own made up set of rules.

Not so.

Oracle cards also have a common language. Just as in Tarot, symbols, colours, numbers, image, spread position and question asked are all crucial elements. Just as in Tarot the insights are meaningful and on point and relevant.

The difference that I have found is that oracle does not put up a barrier.

Those of us who have read Tarot for any length of time often welcome the more difficult cards, knowing that with the difficulties come an opportunity to grow. Many clients however, do not. Often times a blindness to insights and choices regarding great ways to move forwards and maximise opportunities presented through melt downs is a real problem. No matter the sensitivity of the reader, the presence of a devil, a skeleton, a ruined tower and a bunch of impaled body parts and trussed up or blindfolded people, all laid out on the table is a real barrier to further work.

I suspect that I may not read the Tarot for others any longer. I still love it, and will continue to read for myself. But for others? I’m not so sure. I want to light folks up, not shut them down. I think oracle is the light switch for me.

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