How To Read The Tarot -or- Say What You See

How can I get them to help? Attract their attention. They’re too busy having genteel conversation over their jam tart and newspaper to see that the top has blown off of your world, that your life is now topsy turvy, as the ashes of what once was rain down on your crumpled hair do. Him over there? he’s so engrossed in beavering away with an eye on the prize, he can’t see your despair. Attract his attention.


Learn the Tarot. Learn everything and anything about the Tarot, the cards, the images, the people? Read the books, faun at the feet of the Tarot gurus and moguls? Look at Youtube, take courses, daily cards, story games?


Do learn.


and then


Ask a question, lay the cards.


Take a moment out of time.






Just look






and there you have it.



The cards used to illustrate this piece are the Cover Ben Dov Marseille Tarot published by US Games

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