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My own personal divination toolkit looks rather different to the toolkit I use when reading professionally. When I read professionally my kit consists of a tarot deck and a couple of oracle decks. I use decks that hold the darker truths, but don’t hit the sitter in the eye so that they freeze, and can’t absorb the usefulness of the insights for their lives. The message is delivered in full, but on my terms. The truth isn’t covered or sugar coated, but it is delivered gently and sensitively. Images have power. Words have power.

20181023_100436 1
A typical working, reader about town toolkit

I am a sometimes lenormand reader too – my love affair with it waxes and wanes. It doesn’t feel like a sacred tool to me. It is. I know it is. I just don’t feel it. That said, as a fortune telling device – I’ve used nothing better. I consider myself an explorer though, and wayfinder. A diviner of prevailing winds and tides.

I’ve never got the hang of playing cards, (much to my irritation).

My own personal toolkit consists of a notebook and pen (a pen that glides), two tarot decks, a couple of oracle decks and a set of runes as well as a crystal ball. These are my wayfinding tools, weather forecasting tools. I don’t consider any of them necessities. I do consider them all of immeasurable value.


The notebook and pen are used for channeling. Variously ancestors, guides and angels. Plus points – simple direct communication. Minuses – not always reliable (over time, you learn to recognise spiritual bs)

The two Tarot decks that I turn to time and time again and consider trusty friends are the Jean Noblet Tarot de Marseille and the Golden Dawn Temple Tarot – it makes no difference to me which of these decks I lift from my box, they both read beautifully. I love the colours, the cardstock, the images. Shuffling either is an act of self care. A meditation in itself. Problem solving, deep examination of issues, exploring alternatives, unearthing the hidden elements. If I could have only one tool, I’d choose Tarot. It covers all bases in my opinion. It can be as earthy or etheric as you can imagine, all in the space of one spread. Its down side is, that it blows away in windy weather, and is damaged by moisture – an indoor tool, except in the best weather.

Oracle is my high vibe go to. When I want angelic input and uplifting and positive guidance this is where I head. Many people dismiss oracle, particularly those decks that have a positive message bias as they believe this is unrealistic and not a true reflection of life. I can see where they’re coming from. But I disagree. Seeing problems, obstacles and life’s sometimes crappy offerings in a positive light can help to keep things upbeat, and therefore moving. It bypasses that awful stagnant mire that can trap us when we’re staring straight in the face of the darkness – even the practical tarot with all of its wisdom sometimes can’t pull us out. The downside is the lack of system – you either develope your own reading method or memorise guide books. I have my own system which encompasses symbol/colour/number and words – all of which set my intuition rolling.

My trusty runes. A set of elder futhark runes which I carved myself. Rustic, imperfectly perfect and earthy. Ancestral, womb of the great mother, deep sacred wisdom. Runes have been a part of my practice, probably longer than Tarot. They’ve been in and out of my toolkit – until I carved my own. They’ve been ‘in’ ever since. Portable, practical, magickal and deeply sacred. These are my out and about tool. These are my bound with blood tool. Unsurpassable for spirit of place, ancestral readings, grounding, rooting and growing readings. Solid, foundational root chakra readings. I’ve never really made them my daily ‘go to’. I like it like that.


And finally my crystal ball. Only it’s not crystal. It’s glass with some swirls and whirls and galactic swathes of bubbles.


This is my tool of clairvoyance. A skill which in me is patchy and unreliable. I’m mainly claircognizant with hints of clairaudience and clairsentience.

The Crystal ball is a tool that can’t be hurried. It’s a languorous creature that enjoys time, attention and soft, loving gazes into the depths of its soul. That’s when she slowly reveals the secrets. Symbols, pictures, slowly morphing scenes. Numbers, motion, colours and lights. Sometimes I’m amazed at the proliferation of insights that flood the ball. Sometimes I’m sat there with nothing but a pretty swirly whirly glass ball.

The plus of the crystal ball is that there is no other way but to be absolutely present. Lost to time and space – a state that is desirable, I think, with all tools. But not an absolute necessity.

The minus of the crystal ball is that there is no other way but to be absolutely present. Lost to time and space.



Do you have a toolkit?

Perhaps one tool serves all of your divination wants and needs?


Decks of cards shown in this blog post

Golden Dawn Temple Tarot, Jean Noblet Tarot, The Good Tarot, Keepers of The Light Oracle, Archangels Oracle, Oracle of the Angels, Yellow Feather Oracle, Monica Bodirsky’s House of Shadows Lenormand and a deck of playing cards – probably Wilko 99p cards.

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