The Tarot Court

Oh no – not the court cards!

Can I just say that the court cards are awesome?

I think so anyway.

The first thing that I would say about the court cards in Tarot is please don’t get all angsty about hierarchy and gender – try to think more in terms of personality, maturity level and vibe.

One or two in a spread would tend to be facets of the Self which are in play in the given situation – a whole bunch more likely to be a plethora of people having an effect on the situation. Check out the direction the people of the court face – gossiping eye to eye or all looking to the future? Arms crossed facing away from each other or harking back to the past?

In days of old pages would serve knights. They’d keep the kit clean and help the knights dress and arm, pass messages from one knight to another or from a lady to the knight or vice versa and generally learn the ropes. A real novice, childish vibe.

Knights tended to be out training or questing for something or other – whether it be a hallow, a lady, knowledge or a kingdom. Outgoing and youthful and usually under the direction of royalty at least until they’d earned their stripes.

The queen tended to keep the home fires burning – sometimes by pulling the staff/subjects together, keeping them motivated and hopeful. Sometimes as a consort or even as a badass warrior. A rallier of people, a motivator by example. A team leader.

The kings are directive. Usually wise and accomplished but more instructional and aloof. A giver of orders and enforcer of rules.


The Page of Swords

Enthusiastic book worm – devours words and knowledge but perhaps doesn’t have full understanding of how to apply the knowledge. Often quick witted and quick tongued, speaking out without due consideration to how the words affect those around them.

Page of Cups

Gentle quiet shy and sensitive. Quick to smile and quick to dissolve into tears. A student of the arts and learning to write poetry. Empathic and sometimes melancholy

Page of Wands

Speedy and hot tempered, impulsive and fearless. Good natured and playful. Wants to be a team player, but can’t understand the fears of less fiery folks.

Page of Pentacles

Methodical and deliberate, considers carefully their options. The one who saves the pennies in the piggy bank and plants seeds. Seer of the long game but perhaps unsure of the results they seek just now.


Knight of Swords

Either studious or warlike – but in either field, daring and perhaps reckless. Pushing the situation to its limits without much thought for consequence or the effects of their behaviour on situations or people. Argumentative and perhaps arrogant – unwilling to back down if they think they’re right or until they are the last person standing in a battle of wills or swords. Debate late into the night, research (perhaps cutting edge and verging on unethical), and mad cap, but brilliant theories.

Knight of Cups

A lover not a fighter. In love with being in love. Convinced each love is the love of their life. Reciter of poetry, singer of soppy ballads, but the moment romantic feelings wane to mundane they are off to the next romantic interlude.

Knight of Wands

Excitable and speedy. Full of lust for life and lust for sex, and fun and competition. A show off of the first degree who thinks life should be one long excitement filled adventure. A sky diver or base jumper, jouster or sexual athlete. Will live life to the full until burnt out and forced to rest. Bawdy jokes and loud laughter abound.

Knight of Pentacles

The quest for a place to plant his feet, settle down and grow crops. The Knight of pentacles is a settler and a homestead seeker. Falls in love with the picture of marriage and rosy cheeked children, a white picket fence, hot bread fom the oven, a wholesome partner, earthy sex and comfort. Nothing will shift them from their course once they have set it. Sometimes bull in a china shop clumsy.


Queen of Swords

Independent and unafraid of speaking the truth or whipping up the troups into a wild battle frenzy and joining them in the battle. Astute, not suffering fools gladly, authentic and sharp. Perhaps respected rather than loved by the people around them.

Queen of Cups

Gentle and tender hearted. A listener and counsellor. A petitioner of good nature and brings out the best in others. Sometimes taken advantage of, but more often loved for their open, giving nature.

Queen of Wands

Fiery, funny and driven. Creatively leads and raises morale. Knows their own mind, and expects those around to keep up. Passionate, lusty and loud.

Queen of Pentacles

Nurturing and sensible. Keeper of the purse and accounts. Manages logistics and feeding and health in a common sense grounded manner. Perhaps dour on occassion but patient and strong.


King of Swords

Intelligent and aloof in an ivory tower or strategy tent, respected but feared. Sharp words, sharp swords dynamic quick to assess and quick to judge (usually correctly), sometimes has a cruel turn of phrase.

King of Cups

Understanding and kindly, deep listening but not fooled by disengenuous sob stories. Caring but not over protective, brings out the best in people without manipulating. Sometimes morose and may drink way too much.

King of Wands

Centre of attention and plays to a crowd. Loves being in charge, in the lead, numero uno. Taker of measured risks and motivator of people. Vital and vibrant, short tempered and loud.

King of Pentacles

Slow builder of empires, the banker, the farmer. Cornerstone of family, hearth and home. Stubborn and resilient, stoutly healthy and kind.

Some Tarot systems assign the court cards astrological attributes, hair/eye colour, age, physical features and body types. My advice would be to read widely, but read your cards even more, taking careful note of what and who the court cards describe in readings that you do.

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4 thoughts on “The Tarot Court

  1. The court cards are the easiest of all cards to understand. You have done a great work of keeping it simple. I wonder, when someone says they can’t get the hang of court cards, if they have ever related to them as personalities. If you understand people in general, one can understand the courts.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree that the court cards are probably the easiest to understand – perhaps personality cards would be a great modern alternative title for court cards. Remove the medieval mystique, remove the problem (I do think that would be a shame though – I’m quite fond of the court and their titles as they stand)


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