Tarot For The Dark Days – Seven Creative Tarot Pursuits For The Winter

Long dark nights, cold grey days, looking at the clock at 8 30pm and wondering how the heck it isn’t midnight.

If you’re a Tarot person, here are seven possibilities for being creative, inventive and studious over the next couple of months. Why not light the fire (you tube can be a substitute), make a mug of cocoa, have a read of this and see if there are any ideas that warm the cockles of your toes.


1/ Get all of those journals out, the ones that you scrawl spreads, tarot ideas, thoughts and inspirations in. Start to leaf through them, copy out those golden nuggets into your own personal, and soon to be priceless, Ultimate Book of Tarot. Be creative – seek out images and stick ’em in, draw beautiful diagrams and illustrations. Calligraphy and illuminated script, collage. Add your thoughts – highlight your Tarot AHA moments. Make it a project for the whole of the winter – or the start of a life’s work – an heirloom to hand down to your seventh daughter who will hand it down to her seventh daughter, who will hand it to her seventh daughter, who will probably use it to line the kitchen cupboard shelves.


2/ Create a Tarot deck – you could start by writing your vision of what you would like to see in the ultimate Tarot deck overall, and then how you’d like the trumps to look, and the pips to look and the courts to look, and the backs to look. What you’d like included in the images, themes and threads, colours and art style. Then perhaps begin to sketch, collage, digitally produce images as per your detailed notes. Refine your art. Refine it again and then – drum roll please – you could produce your own deck. You can go home made, or all out and get it printed – perhaps print multiple copies and become a deck creator for the Tarot masses.

You can get your cards printed here – https://www.ivorygraphics.co.uk/custom-tarot-cards

or google ‘print your own Tarot cards’ and lots of alternatives will pop up.

3/ Create a spread. What’s bugging you? Do you need cheering up? Have issues that need looking at? Wonder how the winter could be most productively spent?

Have a think about putting a spread together with the perfect card positions, in the perfect layout to explore your issues and answer your questions.

Make a diagram or take pictures of your spread, labelled beautifully and then popped into your own personal Ultimate Book of Tarot?


4/ Get to know a deck that’s been sitting unused in the back of the drawer. Don’t just half heartedly rifle through it and chuck it back in the drawer – get yourself a copy of Alison Cross’s Tarot Kaizen, and devote some serious time to the deck.


5/ Learn that system that’s eluded you up to now – you want to read with Marseille decks? Thoth? Perhaps something entirely different such as lenormand, playing cards, Sybilla or Kipper. There are all sorts of resources on the internet – blogs, you tube, face book groups and books galore to help you out.


6/ Have a go at making personalised pouches or boxes for your Tarot decks, or spread cloths, journal covers or storage.


7/ New fresh sacred space or altar, if sacred space or altars are your thing – a new place, different candles/stones/artefacts/images/smells.


See what other ideas you can come up with – I’d love to hear what Tarot stuff other folks get up to over the winter. Comment below, make a video or write a blog and leave me the link – there are a bunch of long dark nights ahead to fill you know!




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