The Crowley Thoth Tarot For Folks In Love With The Art But With No Interest In Crowley Or Thelema Or Ritual Magick

Lady Frieda Harris’s artwork in the Crowley Thoth Tarot is beautiful. It takes my breath away.


I’ve owned the deck a couple of times over the past thirty years, but haven’t found it particularly accessible – ostensibly because:

a/ The readings were usually grumpy in tone – sometimes downright rude infact,

b/ pips. I didn’t ‘do’ this style of pips – no matter how beautiful, I wanted to see people doing stuff, (now I don’t. I like less in the human department and more in the piles of cups etc. department), and

c/ the esoteric symbolism and reputation of Crowley. I had this idea in my head that I needed to learn all of the theory behind all of the symbolism in all of the cards.

Now I have a student who is learning to read using the Crowley Thoth, so it’s high time that I get stuck in and spend some time with this deck in order to help him, and to work with this beautiful deck.

Inspired by Carrie Mallon and her work with The Wild Unknown, I intend (starting tomorrow), to work through and write about every card in the Crowley Thoth deck. It won’t be the most learned blog – it’ll be my own thoughts, feelings and discoveries as I examine the cards – I’m not going to reproduce Crowley’s Short Essays – I’m going to write my own, from my own point of view and see what emerges.

Feel free to add comments if you think I’ve missed something, or if you see something different than I do – I may well ask my student if he’d like to contribute his own thoughts too.




Trade Winds Tarot bespoke courses are for the readers (and those who want to be readers), who believe that Tarot can rock their own world, and potentially rock the world of those that they read for. I will focus on people who want to find their Tarot mojo in order to create positive change for themselves and others. I promise that fully immersing in a Trade Winds bespoke Tarot course will empower you to become the reader that CAN



4 thoughts on “The Crowley Thoth Tarot For Folks In Love With The Art But With No Interest In Crowley Or Thelema Or Ritual Magick

    1. Thank you! My thought of the day on the Thoth was ‘why on earth am I stressing? It’s a tarot deck of 78 cards like most other Tarot decks. It has 22 majors with a couple renamed – like many other decks, it has a bunch of beautiful, directional, action-packed court cards – like many other decks and a beautiful set of pips – like many other decks. We pick up other decks without a second thought and just read them. No strings, no second thoughts!

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