Working With The Thoth – Mirth & Reverence


I’m only a week or so in to working again with the Crowley Thoth tarot deck and you know what? It’s lovely. It’s like finding an old friend – this has happened with a couple of other decks for me, and they’ve both been a surprise – the Jean Noblet (the version I use is that of the late Jean Claude Flornoy)  and the Golden Dawn Temple Tarot from Wendrich artHouse (not a typo) in Wales, UK. The first was a surprise because I didn’t expect to enjoy reading a Marseille Tarot deck quite so much, the second a surprise because I bought it out of curiosity to see what a modern rendition of a deck based on the Golden Dawn’s Book T would look like. Both decks speak loud and clear to me. My number one requirement from any Tarot deck.

The readings with the Thoth are balanced – I remember them being dark, sullen and oft times downright rude. This could be due to a number of factors one being that as a long time reader I’m now more balanced in the way I view the cards. Nothing in the cards is scary or signifies certain doom, rather what I see are opportunities to deal with challenges and questions to ask myself. I’m also confident of what energies I connect with in order to read cards, (and they don’t include the spirits of occult practitioners in any shape or form). The esoteric titles that I found so off putting in the past are tending to offer me a pause for consideration rather than a full stop to my intuition and train of thought.

I’m finding it useful to know what certain symbols and imagery in the major arcana particularly represent (such as the serpent with nine nails in the Hierophant card signifying that transformation is always accompanied by discomfort in some form or other), as where the eye rests is usually pertinent in a reading – and the eye does tend to rest upon symbols.

The great test of a deck is always in reading for others – a wide variety of questions, folks seeking a wide variety of insights and solutions for a wide variety of situations and personalities, so it’ll get its first public outing on Saturday, and I’ll report back on whether folks were turned off by the cards.

The Crowley Thoth deck is approached with such trepidation – my last blog post outlined my own reservations, but approached with the same mirth and reverence as any other deck of Tarot cards or sacred tool, I’m finding that my trepidation was groundless. The deck is beautiful, and it’s a talker. That’ll do for me for now.

I am delighted to welcome Robert Scott of Arcana Advising who will be blogging here on his discoveries as he revisits the Crowley Thoth tarot deck over the next few weeks. Hopefully we’ll get together and get some collaborative discussion pieces together.




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