Tis the season?(for Thoth?)

Usually about this time of year, I get a bit , Hermit-y. The cold weather keeps me in more, the lack of sunlight keeps me in more.  Yes, I do the family things and the celebratory seasonal things , but I also tend to do alot of inner work, tarot on a personal deeper level, and self assigned studies this time of year.  Something about Winter affects me personally in this way.

Often, I’ll say “Now’s a good time to dig into the Thoth”, I’ll start, but often sputter and stop. I’ve gotten hung up in the “read this first”, or the Crowleyisms of it.  I’ve just been chatting with Fay, and we’ll be sharing our experiences this time round.

I’m kind of excited about approaching it in a different way than as a student of Thelema, Crowley, or esoteric.

I’m going to approach in reference to my experiences with Marseille, function, role, art, reading what is seen, and number. Some references are bound to sneak in.

I will also have conversations “with the cards” as well instead of just about them , and also demonstrating with questions.

I’m going to start with a deck that I have that I’ve performed a “borderectomy” on – Thoth sans borders. This means it will not have the “guide words”, the astrology symbols, borders, and also not titles. I also have a “standard” bordered deck for comparison and reference as well.  I’d suggest a borderless if you want to break the keyword habit, or want to stretch beyond them.

I’ve known Fay for a while, albeit remotely, but we’ve done several tarot studies together before, and we’ve done some previous writing work together. I’d like to thank  our host also for welcoming me, and graciously sharing this space with me for awhile.

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