Tarot Spreads – An Alternative Celtic Cross

A very practical approach to the celtic cross tarot spread has been outlined by Vincent Pitisci, and I can see it being very useful in practice.

It concentrates on answering four questions surrounding an issue – how, why, what and when.

1&2 – The real question, 3 – The efforts being made, 4 – Short term goal, 5 – Asset, 6 – Opportunity, 7 – Querent’s viewpoint, 8 – Timing, 9 – Purpose (the big picture), 10 – Prediction

The positions for the cards have unusual titles and the order appears counter intuitive, but all does become clear.


Reading the cards positions 1&2+7 outlines what the querent is wanting to do, and how they view their ‘want’, a discussion can be had about how realistic their view is and whether their query and their view on it make sense.


1&2 + 7 = WHAT


Why does the querent want what they want?

Read the cards in positions 3, 4 and 9 to reveal what efforts the querent is making to reach their short term goal in order to work towards their big vision. This will reveal whether or not moves are being made in the right direction, whether moves actually are being made and whether the short term goal does actually contribute to the big vision

3+4+9= how realistic are the querent’s expectations regarding what they want to achieve Vs what they are doing to move towards it?


How can the querent reach their goal?

5 – The assets the querent has either within themself or around them + 6 – Opportunity coming along to be taken = 10

Looking at the cards in positions five and six show what tools the querent have at their disposal and what opportunities they would do well to take advantage of and what the outcome of this will be (the card in position ten).


When would it be sensible for the querent to act?

When to act – 8

Card number 8 is an indication as to whether it will be advantageous to act quickly or whether to be patient and wait.

The video by Vincent Pisciti can be found here:






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