New Year’s Tarot

On Friday, I spotted snowdrops almost ready to flower. I love that when it feels as though winter is dragging, and grey and gloomy, the sight of something so simple can be so precious and uplifting.

Yesterday, I sat still and had a reflect on the year gone. I suspect checking out where we’ve done well is important. Thinking about our achievements, our relationships and the things that have made us smile or touched our heart. No cards necessary for this – no analysis, no puzzling, seeking or picking apart, just remembering, appreciating and feeling the good feels, perhaps sending out those good feels to those involved in their source.

I’ve set sort of anti intentions this year. Not a lot new. More about sticking with what’s already in place and perhaps building upon it. I suppose that the motivational speke ‘1% better every day’ is a good one. Perhaps I shall adopt that as my intention.

This morning, bright and early, because it’s January 1st 2019, I laid myself a spread to check out the challenges and gifts of the year ahead. Perhaps you’d like to give it a shot.

A spread to ponder upon the year ahead. Perhaps to use as the basis for a plan or for setting intentions
This is how mine looked, and it has given me a lot of food for thought

If you try the spread, I’d love to know if you found it useful. If it brought up anything that surprised you. If it all made perfect sense. Or if you feel that is an hour you’re never going to get back!

2 thoughts on “New Year’s Tarot

    1. Deliciously bifurcated – rolls around on the tongue as I imagine these two coins do rolling around that ribbon. All by itself in the middle – two coins tied together that can’t roll off anywhere without cutting that ribbon. I can’t have it all. A year of choices – letting go of some stuff so other stuff can grow – in this reading anyway.

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