Tarot Readings Of Consequence

I bang on about empowerment all of the time.

For me, a Tarot reading of consequence has to remind people where their own power lies. Where they can make changes, and where the only change that they can make is how they’re affected by stuff. I always sit next to the person I’m reading for and involve them in the reading every step of the way, collaborating and talking with, rather than at, the person whose reading this is

I use a bunch of spreads, often three or four during a client reading in order to get to the crux of an issue and then look at how to work onwards and upwards from there.

Most, perhaps all, of these Tarot spreads have featured in earlier blog posts, but I’ve never put them all together in one resource before.

So here they are, all together in one place. Four spreads that are central to my practise. You’ll notice one in here that explores options. This was shared by my good friend Colin Robertson of Ursa Tarot https://ursatarot.wordpress.com/ one of the many benefits to be had from talking with other readers who work with a similar mindset is the free sharing of wonderful ideas. I continue to be delighted and amazed at the creativity of those readers who are genuinely fired up at the Tarot’s potential to help others.

the deep dive cc graphic

The Deep Dive Celtic Cross

Positions 1,2,3 & 4

Past, present, future

Positions 1,2,5 & 6

The situation and what’s tickling at your consciousness about it but perhaps you haven’t quite pinned it down and considered it properly, and a repeating subconscious pattern that runs back and forth below this (and potentially others) situation in your life. This can help, or it can hinder

Positions 1,2,7 & 9

What you’re doing/feeling/saying right now with regards to this issue and why (what you’re hoping to achieve through what you’re doing)

Positions 7,8 & 9

How what is going on around you is helping/hampering/influencing your efforts to deal with this situation and how they feed into your hopes/fears

Positions 4,9 & 10

How ‘where this issue is leading’ compares to your hopes and fears regarding the issue and the ultimate outcome. Is there a disparity or a harmony here?

This spread can bring clarity and a deep understanding of situations that you can’t quite get a handle on, see why you’re stuck, examine your motives and whether the actions you’re taking will actually help you in the long run

What it’s not great for is figuring out how to change things – that would be the next step, and it’s not the best for relationship readings (whose viewpoint/actions is the spread examining? Potentially it can examine the querent’s angle on a particular issue or their partner’s angle on a relationship issue – one at a time).

A baseline spread. Often it’s the spread chosen to open a reading. Sets the tone and gives a starting point to work from.

Exploded cc graphic



The Exploded Celtic Cross

A more transparent, logical way to read the celtic cross. Because of the differently named positions (which it is perfectly possible to put into the more traditional cross shape), it is a more progressive spread and looks to the future, rather than only examining the present.

  1. Is how the client views the situation/issue under scrutiny
  2. & 3. Blended are the actual heart of the issue

How do the client’s view of the situation and the actual heart of the situation compare? Is their view realistic? Perhaps they are being overly optimistic? Or maybe their view of the situation is on the pessimistic side?

  1. What are the client’s actions/thoughts/attitudes right now?
  2. This is why the client is doing what they’re doing in position 4, it’s a short term aim with their ultimate goal of attaining the outcome shown in the next card position.
  3. The Client’s long term aim based on their view of what they perceive as the issue.
  4. A strength or issue that the client has that will help or hinder them in attaining their goal
  5. An opportunity or obstacle that will help or hinder the client in their pursuit of their goal
  6. What the client needs to know in order to take advantage of or deal with the opportunity or obstacle outlined in position 8
  7. The prediction, which may be a forecasted outcome or advice for the client in order to reach their desired outcome.

relationship spread

The Relationship Spread

Inspired by the relationship spread in the companion book to The Celtic Tarot by Kristoffer Hughes and Chris Downe

Any reading involving other people has to come with a caveat. The behaviours of other people cannot be controlled or modified. Suggestions to ‘try and get the person to……….’ are absolutely pointless. The only way that readings regarding others can be of any benefit is in getting to the heart of issues and helping the client to understand that the only thing that can be done as a result of the reading, is to see how their own reactions are affecting the situation and their own wellbeing. Their power lies in understanding motivations and issues and making future decisions based on understanding rather than confusion or misunderstanding.

  1. The Client – an insight into their feelings/actions pertaining to the relationship
  2. The Relationship – a summary of the state of the relationship right now
  3. The Other Party – an insight into the other party’s feelings/actions pertaining to the relationship (the other party could possibly be a friend/colleague/sibling/parent/partner/spouse).
  4. The Client’s Hopes – what the client hopes for the future of the future of the relationship
  5. The Other Party’s Hopes – what the other party hopes for the future of the relationship
  6. The Client’s Expectations – what the client expects will come about in this relationship in the future
  7. The Other Party’s Expectations – what the other party expects will come about in this relationship in the future
  8. Outside Influences – the influence of other people/the environment/circumstances outside of the control of either party, on the relationship
  9. Summary – a summary of the potential of the relationship in the future

colin's options spread


I hope you find these spreads as useful as I do – if you give them a try, let me know how you get on with them in the comments.

If there are positions in any of the spreads above that you find clunky, or you feel something is lacking, feel free to experiment and evolve your own – I usually use the base card which gives me a brief overview of the spread if you like. The question is the title, the base card gives the tagline and the reading gives the main text.

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