Predictive Tarot Readings and Exploratory Tarot Readings

When a prediction is sought in the cards, an outcome or the likely result of some issue or sequence of events, we’d like it to be accurate. We’d like the reading to be precise, and we’d like it to speak honestly, acknowledging both the good and the bad (oooooo duality, a bit of a dirty word right?).

In my experience, a predictive reading requires that the language assigned to the Tarot needs to be tight. The essential meaning of each card requires clarity, and its goodness or badness, difficulty or ease and its level of challenge or helpfulness accepted and expressed in order to maintain accuracy.


The severity of one of those bloody awful cards is an acknowledgement of tough times, and this acknowlegment is a strength of the Tarot. The strength of the reader is in being able to deliver the message of the bloody awful cards with kindness.

So the prediction is dire, the outlook bleak. What next?

The good news is, the prediction is not the end. The prediction can be the beginning, a chance to question motives, emotions, feelings and actions – a shift into exploration and exploratory reading. Turning those difficult cards into questions, potentials and discoveries to empower. A chance to make changes.

I would suggest that this is a time for a loosening up of the essential messages of the cards. Free association and stream of conciousness opening of the mind with regard to the language of the Tarot is more appropriate here. We’re looking at possibilities and growth. We aren’t looking for anything concrete. The language of the Tarot can, I would argue, be much more fluid now. Accuracy is not the issue here. Discovery is the issue.

For Example:

‘This is what I want, and this is what I’m doing. What will the outcome be?’

Prediction – poor

‘Shit. That’s not good, I wonder what I could do to improve things.’

Exploration – looking at options, feelings about pursuing options, looking at what else is going on in life that may help or hinder in reaching goals, looking at  preparing for a poopy outcome, and the strengths that the client can employ in order to do this. At this stage, the thoughts and impressions the person who is being read for gets from the cards may be included too. We used the tight and precise language of the cards as an expert in the prediction. The role of ‘expert’ can quite rightly be passed to the client here.

Prediction – ‘What’ll the likely outcome be if I do this? Or this? Or this? Or just suck it up?’

There is scope for predictive reading and exploratory reading in a single session, and I suspect that being able to move quite naturally between the tight, more formal language of the Tarot, to a looser, more fluid interpretation is not just OK but of genuine value to those we read for.

Do you have thoughts on this? I’d be interested to hear them.



4 thoughts on “Predictive Tarot Readings and Exploratory Tarot Readings

    1. I don’t think I do many readings that don’t have some element of forecasting/prediction. At one time I couldn’t see the value in it, but nowadays I see this as a valuable part of a reading – either validation that things are going on the right direction or an indication that it would be prudent to explore other options

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  1. Keeping language tight – absolutely. It is the bane of the sitter, to have their cards read, and the language received is mushy and foggy. Be bold. If you see it in the cards – say it without equivocation. Even if reading for ourselves.

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  2. I say that the cards don’t look very good and I explain why. But I also explain what a possible, among the many, course of action could be. I also make sure to let the questioner know that the future is his/hers, and only he/her can change it. The cards should be not an arrival but a departure toward self-knowledge, improvement and insights.

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