Intuitive Tarot?

Saying that a person can intuitively read the Tarot, or any other divination system such as playing cards or lenormand without learning that system is akin to someone saying that they can intuitively bake a cake without understanding ingredients, methods and cooking times.

Learn the system, and allow for, rather than expect, intuition to play a part. The basics aren’t difficult, but it does take time to become fluent and realise that there is always something more to see, to learn and to discover. Not only that, but there are many, many ways to learn whatever your learning style or beliefs about the cards.

Learn to bake and then get a sense of what’ll be marvelous in your cake. The basics aren’t difficult, but it does take time to master the minglings of flavours and ingredients and methods that add up to a spectacular cake.

The frameworks of theory and method are your launch pad, not your tether.

If there’s no system – e.g. some oracle cards. Knock your socks off and let your intuition fly free as a bird.

It’s not often that I’m opinionated.

20190305_163637 1
Cards featured in the picture are The Gothic Moon Tarot by Jae Billingham, The Playing Card Oracles by Ana Cortez at US Games inc., and The House of Shadows Lenormand by Monica Bodirsky




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