Experiment – One Question, Four Tools – Tarot, Playing Cards, Oracle Cards, Lenormand

This morning, I gave myself a good shake and decided that it’s time to choose to make some changes in my life. It’s been a long time coming.

Because it’s Sunday afternoon, and Sunday afternoons are made for clarting (North East of England slang for messing about in a most enjoyable fashion), I conducted an experiment.

I asked the same question of four card based methods of divination to have a look at the qualities demonstrated in the insights from each system.

I asked ‘What will be the likely effect of the choices I made this morning on my life?’

The Tarot

I used my trusty friend, The Deep Dive celtic cross spread (because I’m looking for deep insight and an outcome, rather than advice on how to move forward or comparing possible routes)

the deep dive cc graphic


The heart of the matter is that now, I’m ready to act upon what I’ve been taught – both formally and in the school of hard knocks – I’m aware of which battles are worth fighting, and which ones just don’t merit the effort. I’ve come to this point through a growing knowledge that to make change, I have to work from a fundamnetal, grass roots level, and acting upon the choices, changes and plans I’ve formulated will put me in a much stronger position to create positive outcomes.

Finally Temperance has reappeared – my subconscious best friend forever whom I keep forgetting about and as a result get myself into all sorts of strife and stressful situations. Temperance reminds me that the best laid plans need constant adjustment to keep them palatable, and that the wide, balanced approach I looked at is the sensible way to go.

That six of cups as the message my higher consciousness is trying to bring to my attention  sings to me a song of harmony and balance rather than sentimental harking back to childhood. I’m in kind of a Temperance sandwich.

Keep it real girl – don’t be getting all rigid, stressed and angsty – think ‘flow’.

I’m being reminded that moving forwards always has an element of leaving something behind, and that the act of moving forward should have a constancy and a consistency to it – sitting still is comfy, but not productive or progressive. I’m currently in a moving forward phase and that’s right and proper. No regrets, even though all around seem to be in the midst of celebration and indulgence and merriment, joke making and fun – deciding which elements of that spell growth and joy for me and carrying them with me whilst kicking the stuff that doesn’t to the kerb – ‘hey teacher, leave those cups behind’.

I hope to find myself in a state of quiet stability, a sense of enoughness and comfort – I also fear the force of the four – it’s all very solid and stodgy. Nice to rest there for a while though, before going all eight of cups again and moving onwards and upwards.

Who could ask for better than the Sun as an outcome card? Success, enjoyment, clarity and recognition – and although I didn’t ask for any timing, I’m going to indulge myself by saying I’ll be beginning to feel the effects of the choices I’ve made by the summer.

That King of Swords? He’s my base card. I often pull a base card to give a kind of overview of the spread. Where the question is the title of the piece, the base card is the tag line and the rest of the spread the content. King of Swords says ‘Finally you’ve lined your ducks in a row and are beginning to make strategic plans rather than wafting about on the breeze.’

Game of Thrones Tarot by Liz Dean, artwork by Craig Coss and published by Chronicle Books

Playing Cards

I asked the same question of the playing cards and used a four card spread for insights

Card 1, the top card. This is the card that shines down on the spread and colours everything in it. It equates to the sun, the head, the suit of diamonds and the element of fire.

Card 2, the sky, the throat, words, expressed thoughts, feelings and concepts and the element of air

Card 3, the lake, the body, emotions, feelings, intuitions, hearts and the element of water

Card 4, the card that the reading stands on, spades, the feet, the material, the day to day hum drum and the element of earth.

The Playing Card Oracle by Ana Cortez and C.J. Freeman, published by US Games Systems inc.

A diamonds card sits in the home of the fiery diamonds card, and shines down on the whole spread which gives this card a triple whammy. The Eight of diamonds in this system of reading the playing cards is the house of good fortune. A place of plenty where a plentiful harvest of seeds widely sewn is reaped. There’s always a caveat that comes with an eight though – and that is constancy and consistency – no resting on the laurels for long – I must remember to plant seeds all over again because good fortune, like anything else, tends to be transient to some degree or other.

Terrene, a court card in this deck. The 10s are The Ladies. Stay humble, stay meek, remember the underlying foundation of what I’m trying to do is serve. To be in touch with my body, the earth and the seasons. When life gets good refrain fom being strident, bold and egotistical.

In the body position is the two of diamonds. The Rivals. That old devil polarity that pulls me this way and that in my passions and wants – be aware that this will continue to be a ‘thing’ and strive to find a balance. Every. Bloomin. Time.

Plans are great, but they shouldn’t prevent one from enjoying flights of fancy, teasing, fun and good wholesome daydreaming. Fortuna is a fickle bugger, flighty and flippant, fickle and funny – she wants me to be playful – but just sometimes – that house of good fortune in all of its eightness reminds me to make fickle fun a fleeting fancy.

So really, the whole playing card reading is an outcome with insights, advice and caveats.

Oracle Cards

The outcome and the enduring energy

Wisdom of the Oracle by Collette Baron Reid, artwork by Jena DellaGrottaglia and published by Hay House

Simply put, so long as I stay in touch with myself, I know that the choices I’ve made, though simple are profound.

The enduring energy reminds me that the energy I put into making these choices a reality, will pay dividends in direct proportion.

Sweet, simple and says it all in a couple of sentences – the meat and potatoes prediction along with the caveats and cautions.

The Lenormand

House of Shadows Lenormand drawn and published independently by Monica Bodirsky

I’ve been repeatedly trying all sorts of stuff with seemingly small rewards. I’m at the point now of making slow steady transformation in order to make myself and my situation strong. Financial abundance will be a slow grow but will be reliable and steady.

Finacial abundance comes from slow, steady growth and – get this – constant and consistent application 😀 Again, repeating to hammer the message home – gradual transformation is absolutely key.

My situation will be safe and strong with all of the little changes I’ve made.

Long lasting transformation comes from consistent effort, lots of little things contribute to transforming abundance.

Aunty Lenormand says it all, short sweet and to the point.

My favourite?

I don’t have a favourite – I like all of these systems (that oracle deck does have its own system too). I like to switch about and keep my brain agile, to play and experiment.

In my own practice right now, I’m using playing cards most of all – I like the calendar aspect of them, and I’m not all that experienced with them so am building up my own confidence.

I’m gratified to note, that the choices I’ve made do seem to be positive ones in each of the systems – and the need for consistency and temperance have been duly noted.


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