Temperance to The Left of Me, The Devil to the Right, Here I am Stuck In the Middle Like a Fool


My morning cards today reminded me of those cartoons where there’s a delightfully naughty little demon on one shoulder and a sickly sweet, nicey nice angel sitting on the other, whispering into Sylvester’s ears.

Aaaand my brain went into overdrive

I really, really dislike this materialistic culture we live in where people want more and are admired for ‘having all the things’, ‘all the pretty and valuable and rare things’. It smells so bad to me, and I suspect that there aren’t many of us who haven’t been sucked in from time to time. Had a little giggle about being ‘enabled’, and remarking that we couldn’t help ourselves. I know I’ve done it.


In the age of showing our ‘things’ on instagram, facebook, youtube etc. for likes and influencer status (it’s not real dudes – honestly – if it’s your stuff that people admire, what happens when it’s gone?), can I suggest that we share knowledge and considered opinions and experiences and findings and observations and little joys andobstacles and curiosities and questions instead? Up each other for being the people we are and the wisdom we share rather than the possessions someone owns? I think this would be much more interesting – and much more authentic. And perhaps it would force us all to show our vulnerabilities and weaknesses a wee bit – SHOCK HORROR – But the sharings would be way more valuable, don’t you agree?




You keep your decks in boxes,

You keep your decks in bags,

The drawers are overflowing and the stuffed shelves groan and sag


Can I suggest a measure,

That might lighten your load?

Keep the ones you read with, send the others up the road?


Non attachment might seem boring

More than enough’s quite frankly hoarding


‘But I collect them for the art’,

‘I read all of them all the time’,

‘I have to learn each system and golly gosh they’re MINE!’


‘I have a card museum’

‘Tarot folks faun at my feet’

‘My academic studies dictate piles of cards around my feet’


‘I have cards for different subjects’

‘They’re alive, they’re sentient beings’

‘I need more to improve my readings, the ones I have, just don’t, it seems’


‘I see adverts and I need them’

‘People show  them’

‘I just want them’


‘I haven’t found my soul deck yet

When I do then that’s the key

I’ll never buy another one, it will just be my soul deck and me’


‘I’ll be the perfect reader

The world’s first and only one

The universe’s secrets all at my beck and call

And I’ll still probably find myself scrolling through facebook and youtube and looking at other decks and buying and wanting and gazing in awe at those ‘my deck collection’ pics and yet another unboxing vid from that guy instead of reading with the cards that I have’




I so dream of travelling the world with a tiny rucsac and a single deck in my back pocket, my dogs hunting in the undergrowth and my cat walking ahead with a feline wiggle, tail held high





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