Tell me about the nature of the void

At the head looking down on and colouring the whole spread, in the position ruled by the element of fire is Leah, the Queen of Clubs, the element of air. Fire and air are friends. The throat ruled by the element of air is occupied by Galahad, the 9 of Clubs. A card from the suit of air in the seat of the element of air. In the home of the torso, the dwelling place of the element of water is the North Wind, the 4 of Spades with the element of earth. Earth and water are friends. At the foot of the spread is Pampero, Jack of spades with the element of earth in the home of the element of earth.

The whole spread is black – dark, velvet. Unseeable. Inward and quiet. What activity, what beings, what things does the dark conceal?

Leah at the head, looking down on the whole spread suggests that the void is a place of vision and dream, creativity, imagination, intuition and also delusion

Mother of vision,

Caretaker of dreams,

Keeper of wisdom,

Maker of moonbeams,

Sister to angels,

Birds flutter in flight,

Cradles your spirit,

Voice echo at night.


Galahad, the gateway of inspiration and ideal. He who speaks dreams into life and quests for the highest and greatest good sits at the throat – is the void a place of manifesting? Or seeking? Or both? A place where prayers are heard and replies given. And the throat IS a gateway of sorts. It’s through the throat that thoughts are given the breath of life and are transformed into words. Something unheard made heard. Given form, vibration and life.

Both the head of the spread and the throat give an ethereal feel to the reading. Things get heavier from here on in. We plunge from air to earth as we reach the torso and the North Wind, the four of spades warns that the weight of the void can be too much for some to bear, uncomfortable silence, uncontrollable and vast. But it is also a place of refuge, a place to stabilise, settle, centre and regroup when there’s too much force in day to day life causing too much angst. A place of shelter and yes, of safety.

What of Pampero at the feet? The youngster so stuck in his ways as he plods along that he misses things. Reliable and flat-footed. What is he doing there?

I suspect he is the connection to terra firma that’s necessary to us when we dare to venture into the void. The stable, sure, feet on the floor ‘chop wood, carry water’ aspect of ourselves that also needs to be nurtured. We dwell on earth after all.

Worked right to left – geomancy by number, by colour (calculated by working out if the sum of the cards of the same colour as that at the head of the spread is odd or even) and the Judge which is calculated by adding each layer of each the witnesses to receive an odd or an even number.  NB. I have the symbols for the suit of clubs upside down – it’s something I get wrong all of the time, my hand just does that – it may be because when they’re the right way up, they look like Y front underpants and I was beginning to regard the suit of clubs as the suit of underpants

Geomancy by number – Acquisitio

Geomancy by colour – Populus

Geomancy Judge – Acquisitio

Outwardly the void is a place of answered prayer and manifestation. Inwardly it is responsive to the patterns of everything in the universe and the result of this is, that it can indeed be a place of answered prayer and manifestation.

You really can’t make this stuff up – divination gives me tingles when the answers are like this.

The cards shown are the Playing Card Oracles by Ana Cortez and her father CJ Freeman, published by US Games Systems inc., the poem is taken from their book The Playing Card Oracles, A Source Book for Divination.

The cards are regular playing cards illustrated with the art of CJ Freeman, and the system I’ve used here is as outlined in the Source Book.

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