Fewer tarot decks.

Less space. Careful purchasing. Ecologically mindful. In depth awareness of the messages of the cards. A raise of the rude finger to the materialism machine.

I’m not talking about one deck forever. I’m talking about a carefully created clutch of divination loveliness put together not on a tide of want, but in the certain knowledge that the tool you are choosing will be valuable to your practice in the area for which it is intended.

A designated home for each deck, with no place for forgetting.

It’s not about being perfect or smug or better than. More about care, consideration and a taking of one’s time to wonder. Wonder if that shiny thing that is beckoning is trick or treat.

4 thoughts on “Tarot Cards – Making the Case For Less

  1. I’m a collector because I love the art, but only two have the attention for getting used. Some have designated purposes like specific spiritual pratices–like the Thoth deck. But the rest are just because I’m a fan of the art. I do agree with specifically designating and cultivating close relationships with a very small number of decks.

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