I posted what you see below on Facebook this morning, and thought that some explanation might be helpful.

If you prefer the spoken word, you can listen to the pocast here

“Over the years of working with cards it dawned on me that the Tarot is mainly being used as a fortune telling device. A tool to tell people what their future holds. And that’s it. Full stop. I always felt that this was kind of pointless.

I had discovered that working with cards can be a deep and meaningful way of looking at different paths, of identifying strengths, challenges and opportunities and in pinpointing the superpowers each person has within them to move forwards. The Tarot is a superb tool of movement and change, and I wanted people to be able to benefit from it.

I took the bit between my teeth and created Trade Winds Tarot (inspired by the Mark Twain quote: “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover”), and have made it my mission to work with people with the Tarot to look at possibilities and options in their lives that they may never have thought were in their grasp before. When people can name their superpowers, they become unstoppable.”

So almost every session with me begins with identifying three superpowers, the primary superpower, the superpower that supports this (and how they work together), and a superpower that may need a little development, but it’s there, and available for you to take advantage of.

Hanson Roberts Tarot

So using the Major Arcana only, three cards are drawn. Below is a list of the Major Arcana cards and the superpowers they can identify in a person – your own interpretations of the cards may vary slightly, but that’s OK. It’s the concept that’s important, not my exact interpretation (which does vary from reading to reading and deck to deck anyway).

The Fool – Bravery. A willingness to ‘just do it’.

The Magician – Manifesting. An ability to give absolute focus to a task and see it through to conclusion.

The High Priestess – Intuition. An ability to understand the cues given by the universe and act upon them.

The Empress – Creator. A creator with the patience and tenacity to see a project through from its conception, to its birth and beyond.

The Emperor – Strategist. Clear sighted and able to strategise for ‘the long game’.

The Hierophant – Teacher. The superpower of helping others to level up by example and teaching.

The Lovers – Empathy. Supporting others in their path by walking beside them, encouraging by instinctively being able to empathise with the fears and limitations folks impose upon themselves.

The Chariot – Strength of Will. With the grit and tenacity to stay the distance and an ability to understand when a change of course is right and proper.

Strength – Self Mastery. With a gentle and charismatic leadership ability.

The Hermit – Deep Knowing. An understanding and acceptance of self which allows for authentic expression of your own truth.

The Wheel – Peace. An ability to stay centred and calm in the midst of chaos.

Hanson Roberts Tarot

Justice – Impartiality. An ability to be impartial in matters that demand absolute fairness. With self as well as with others.

The Hanged Man – Inspiration. The ability to step away from the fray, consider the options and then go on to find a totally off the wall and inspired solution to problems presented.

Death – Mover and Shaker. An innovator and creator of change.

Temperance – The Alchemist. A bringer together of diverse and unusual ideas or people that meld together to produce something of huge value.

The Devil – The Freedom Fighter. The ability to recognise false ties and identify ways of breaking free.

The Tower – The Builder. Skilled at seeing, and breaking through limitations whilst recognising the need to sometimes start again at the bottom and rebuilding in a more constructive way.

The Star – The Healer. Able to give time, succour, deep listening and healing to those in need. Can recognise, and help others to recognise when it’s time to get up and move on again.

The Moon – The Explorer. One who is willing to walk the way less travelled. To explore territory that they’ve never ventured on before in order to follow their dreams.

The Sun – Gratitude. An ability to find beauty, joy and fun in almost all of life’s buffet’s. A person who can show others how to find and appreciate the beauty around them.

Judgement – The Mystic. One who is willing to follow a calling no matter how difficult it may be, and who is able to inspire others to follow theirs.

The World – Wisdom. One who knows when it’s time to move on, level up and enter a new phase or cycle.

Why not explore your own superpowers or those of the people you read for? Separate the major Arcana from your deck and find your three. Your most prominent superpower and its sidekick, and a superpower that you hold that hasn’t yet reached its full potential. You can go on to explore how you can develope that latent superpower, and you can experiment in using your superpowers as significators (I tend to use a separate deck for this), or overseers of spreads to see how they can throw light upon, or aid you in any given situation.

My own superpowers? The Sun, supported by The Moon and my latent superpower is Death

2 thoughts on “The Major Arcana as Superpowers

  1. I absolutely love this post, and will set it into the ground and build a foundation upon it. That’s what posts are for, right? Your blog is quickly become my favorite.

    The Devil as a superpower: self preservation. In times of crisis or creativity, this superpower allows you to exercise extreme self care and cunning. Near immortality.

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