The Distant Healing Project

The Distant Healing Project

The Distant Healing Project is a not for profit venture by two UK energy healers. Both feel strongly that energy healing is of great value to many, many people and that it should be offered widely regardless of financial status, location or condition.

An appointment is made and both energy healers and the person receiving healing tune in at the same time. The Distant Healing Project team then send healing to the recipient for half an hour.

Healing is different to curing. Healing works in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies of the recipient and coaxes their innate healing abilities back to optimum wellbeing. Any curing comes from within the recipients own Self.

Distant Healing should not replace diagnosis and treatment from medical or mental health professionals, it is complementary to treatment.

Distant Healing is only available to the person making the appointment for ethical reasons.

The first Distant Healing session is offered free of charge, and subsequent appointments on a donation basis – there is no suggested donation, as little or as much as is comfortable. This is to pay for Facebook promotions so that The Distant Healing Project can be seen, and taken advantage of by as many people as possible.

You can find details and make an appointment here

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