Getting to know the personalities of the Tarot.

I can’t count how many Tarot students have told me that they cringe when they see court cards in a reading. When are they aspects of me? What do they mean when they appear in a random placement that has nothing to do with me or people? AAAAAAAGH!

Deepening our knowledge and understanding of the court cards can give a richness and vibrancy to any reading. These exercises aren’t intended to prescribe what a court card represents in a reading rather as a fun way to really get creative with our imagination and in doing so really get to understand the court cards in a deep and meaningful way. In a way that I can’t fully explain right now, this real relationship with the personalities in the cards does lead organically to an understanding of what the cards represent when they show up in what feel like illogical places.

There are four of these exercises, all of which will be posted on The Healing Place Facebook page in response to popular demand from students.

The Court Cards from the suits of wands and pentacles from the The Light Seer’s Tarot

1. Pull out all of the court cards from your deck and lay them out in their suits – consider them first as family groups and allow your imagination to create a story about this family, the kind of things they like to do together, their guilty pleasures, the things they have conversations about, that they argue about, what their family business is and how they get along running that business. What pets do they have? Are they homebodies or travellers? Are they social media addicts? Hoarders or minimalists? Write it down if you like or just daydream about them – it’s up to you.

Remember, the sex of the person depicted in the card doesn’t have to correspond to the sex of the character you’re creating – it’s more about attitude, maturity, level of accomplishment in matters of the suit and the way that accomplishment is displayed.

The court cards from the suit of cups and the suit of pentacles from the Light Seer’s Tarot

2. Give the court cards a shuffle and pull out random pairs. How is the conversation going between them? What are they saying? Do they like each other? Imagine them as two personalities living in the same household, working in the same business, in a classroom, strangers in a bar or cafe, after a few drinks in the loo of the club or in any other situation you can think of

Don’t worry too much about THE TRUE MEANINGS of the cards, the true meanings for you are the ones that speak to you, that live and breathe and speak your language
You will probably find that the court cards in different decks show you different facets of personality – and that’s fine too – use the cues from the deck you are using and don’t worry about the others – you can always do the same exercise with different decks if you feel inclined to do so
If you don’t have a Tarot deck of your own, feel free to use the images I’ve posted to set your imagination ball rolling

The Light Seer’s Tarot published by Hay House

If you spend a happy afternoon playing with your court cards doing this exercise, I’d love to know how you got on!

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Until next time,

Fay x

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