Joseph Campbell described The Hero’s Journey which is the basis for myth, legend and story globally and right throughout history. It is arguably the story of every life and situations that crop up in day to day life.

Understanding The Heroes Journey can deepen your experience of the Tarot as you begin to identify how the trumps, the court cards and the numbered cards illustrate the various stages and our actions or inactions within our own hero’s journeys.

Here’s a link to ‘Finding Joe’, it’s a great movie whether you read Tarot or not, but I highly recommend watching it, and reflecting on it with the Tarot in mind.

If you’re feeling especially curious, you could map out your own personal hero’s journeys, and even go one step beyond and consciously select cards to map out how to reach the perfect happily ever after for your current hero’s journey whether it be an epic one or a small one.

If you watch the movie and consider your Tarot cards in relation to it, to your own life or even in relation to myth, story or fairytale, I’d love to hear how you get on in the comments below.

Fay x

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