The Personalities in the Tarot
Hares and Tortoises

In this ‘Playing Court’ activity, we’re going to have a look at the work or study of the court cards and at the speed (or sloth) of the characters.

Remember when we think about the traditional titles of the court cards, we are looking at the medieval roles of the characters.
Pages would be servants to the knights or court messengers
Knights would be questing or carrying out the orders of the King
Queens would often be consorts to the King, managers of the royal household, mothers to the royal children, mistresses to knights, rulers of the kingdom while the king was off being all kingly, diplomats
And the King? Well, the king was busy making sweeping royal decrees and being figurehead of the Kingdom

Sex doesn’t really matter, the consideration when we look at the court cards has more to do with levels of maturity, character and how accomplished they are with regards to the essence of their suit.

Let’s get those cards out and have a look at professions. Every profession you can think of – doctors, nurses, counsellors, councillors, politicians, dentists, architects, artists, sex workers, shop owners, entrepreneurs, bankers, farmers, fishermen, gamekeepers, carpenters, sculptors, authors, professors, teachers, athletes, card readers, nursery school teachers, driving instructors, racing drivers, choclatiers, bakers, pastry chefs, chamber maids, lollipop men/ladies, newspaper editors, journalists, agony aunts, astrologers, witches, priests, monks, nuns.. assign each a card

What management style do the members of the court in each suit have (you can look at both the strengths and weaknesses of their styles here)

Now what about studying? Learning styles, what learning style do the students of the court have?
What do they study? Are they vocational students or academic? What are their aptitudes, their weaknesses, their strengths and their challenges? What are their goals in life? How far do you suppose they’ll go in their education?

We know that the suits of swords and wands tend to be the more proactive suits (because they usually correspond with air and fire), and that the cups and pentacles tend to be the more receptive suits (because they usually correspond to water and earth). But what about speed? Which members of the court are speedy? Which are slow? Which are you not sure about – and why?

Remember, different Tarot decks will have different nuances

Radiant Wise Spirit Tarot published by Lo Scarabeo

Share your findings in the comments below if you’d like to, I’m interested to hear what you come up with!

Fay x

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