More exercises to help you to take your Tarot readings beyond textbook learning and breathe life and vitality into what you see in the cards.

A Tale of Everyday Life

The numbered cards in decks which have scenes as illustrations tell the tale which is often peopled by the court cards and dictated by the major arcana – not always, but this is a useful way to look at the numbered cards for today’s Tarot play.

Lay out your numbered cards from one to ten and tell the story. Write it down, tell it to a friend or just create it in your head. It’s up to you.

Check out the swords, tell a story with a sword theme, tell it from start to finish, beginning with the ace and ending at the ten – and then tell another story with those 10 swords but about something you wouldn’t expect the swords to speak to you about – perhaps you asked a question about the best time to plant a seed, or about a relationship – be creative, be off the wall, be flexible.

Repeat the exercise with cups, wands and pentacles.

You could also mix up the suits – randomly choose an ace, a two, a three etc. and lay the cards out in numerical order and tell the story. See how this pans out. Is is as straight forward to see the progression in the story as before?

Your Numbers Your Way
There are a bunch of ways to do the following exercise. What you come up with might be consistent across all of your decks or it might not.

Lay your four suits out 1 – 10
Consider the process illustrated in each line of cards – the beginning, the middle and the end.
Think about something you do in your day to day life, break it down into ten stages from the initial idea to getting it all done and dusted. Apply a number to each stage and match it to the card that illustrates that stage.

For example. I like gardening, I’m wondering what I’m going to plant in my garden (1), I decide it will be tomatoes (2), I go ahead and buy the seed and compost from the garden centre(3), I now have everything I need and have prepared the soil ready for planting (4), I plant my seed and notice with a smile that there’s a right old mess around me, I’ve a discarded seed packet beside me, spilled compost on my feet, I’m standing on my garden fork and my nails are full of soil (5), I water my seed (6), I decide whether I need to add a little fertilizer, or pop a dome over the seed to help it grow, or to thin the seedlings out so that the strongest survive (7), I water daily and take good care to ensure the seed has every opportunity to grow healthy and strong and see small changes every day (8), to my delight, the day comes when I notice that my tomato plant has produced gazillions of beautiful tomatoes and they are all ripe and I can harvest them YAY! (9), Harvesting is done, I now clean up the plot in preparation for whatever I decide to plant there next year (10).

Be creative and come up with examples of your own. This is a way to apply your own number essences to the cards in a way that works for you.

You could also research one system of numerology or another and compare it to the images on the numbered cards and see if that works for you – or you could even go all heavenly and apply angel numbers. You’re looking at your cards, you’re discovering new and slightly different ways of playing with their essence all of which will enrich your readings in the long run

Comfortable or Uncomfortable

Lay out your four suits in order from ace to ten. Go along each line looking at every card – separate them into two piles. A pile labeled ‘Comfy’, where you will place all of the cards that look comfortable, flowy and generally pleasant and ‘Cor Blimey!’ where you will place all of the cards that look uncomfortable, jarring or a bit unpleasant.

When you’ve done this, have a look at the comfy pile – do the cards have themes in common? Are they mostly odd numbers? Even Numbers? Which cards are the anomalies? Can you explain these anomalies to yourself?

This is all purely curiosity and exploration. You might have giant aha moments, you might not. What you certainly will have, is a deeper familiarity with your numbered cards.

If you’d like to share any discoveries you made as you played with your cards, I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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