It’s quite an an art to distil a Tarot reading to its essence. Cutting out superfluous fluff and delivering the message you see in the cards. No more. No less.

Sometimes it feels like a brutal art, but there’s profound beauty in simplicity.

I stumbled across a method of reading at the weekend that gave me one of those big intuition body bumps and I knew it was going to hit a deep spot.

The method is reading pairs, one major arcana card and one minor arcana card in each position of a spread and using the essence of each card (I tend to say essence rather than meaning because meaning changes from reading to reading but essence remains the same), to succinctly give their insight.

The spread looks massive (I’ve pictured a celtic cross here with an extra position for ‘repeating patterns’), but it is a speedy but remarkably deep and healing read. There is also an emphasis on lightness, as a reader we simply read and deliver the information and guidance we see in the pairs and in the spread as a whole.

I came across the course created by Michiko Schnek on Udemy. If you’d like to give this method a try, you’ll find it here

It’s worth noting that Udemy regularly discount courses very significantly indeed. I have no affiliate links, I’m just sharing something that I found valuable.

The spread is huge, but don’t be deceived it’s a speedy read but incredibly deep, covering a lot of ground.

I suspect I’ll be regularly using this method, probably with my own spin and will probably invest in a mini deck to keep the size manageable!

If you decide to learn this method, I’d love to hear how you get on and if you’re curious about how it works in practice and would like a reading you can check out which format you’d like here

Fay x

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