Isn’t it lovely to see The Fool popping up in a reading urging you to take that leap?

No? Are you sick and tired of trying to pluck up the courage? To make your mind up?

It happens.

Reimagine The Fool, sitting on the edge of that cliff eating the sandwich and cake from the bundle. Reimagine The Fool swinging his legs and scratching the belly of that dog who is contentedly lying on his back, belly bared to the warm sunshine with his pink tongue lolling out of the side of his mouth, and imagine the peace and pure joy in that moment.

This is also essence of The Fool. No striving or being told to be carefree and impulsive or desperately reaching for answers or decisions on just what it is you need to be leaping into. Just being.

Isn’t it lovely when The Magician pops up in your readings? All of that focus, all of the tools at his fingertips, ready and able to make things happen.


Do you want to relax your focus, down tools and let your mind and attention fly free for a while?

Reimagine the Magician – ceremonial robes slung across the floor, sitting at that table with a pot of tea and a bunch of friends talking across each other and often at cross purposes about silly things, gossip, about that thing that happened to them at Asda’s deli counter the other month. Imagine relaxed chatter among those red roses and white lilies where the sacred tools have been laid to one side and replaced with mugs and a box full of Greggs doughnuts.

This can also be essence of The Magician – focus has to broaden sometimes to replenish, charge the batteries and release the tension in order that singular focus can return ever stronger, ever more purposefully, ever clearer.

Isn’t it lovely when that enigmatic and insular keeper of secrets and mysteries The High Priestess pops up promising intuition, seeing beyond the veil and knowing oneself utterly and completely?


Perhaps you’re longing to be open and honest and lay your cards on the table in a very physical, material way. Reimagine The High Priestess dropping her scroll to the floor, kicking that moon to one side, skipping down the stairs as she heads to the curtain to fling it wide, let the sun stream in and give one of those loud whistles with fingers in her mouth to her good friend Jeff out in the street.

There’s a time for secrets and introspection, and a time when it becomes navel gazing and counter productive. This can also be essence of The High Priestess who knows herself well enough to recognise when enough is enough.

Isn’t it lovely to see The Empress in a reading. All fecund and creative and luxuriant in her robes, sitting there on her plump cushions among the abundance of nature. Patient and watchful and nurturing.


Have you had it up to here with patient creativity? Reimagine the empress in jeans, a T shirt and a pair of scuffed trainers jumping onto the bus and heading into town to have a poke about the shops for no other reason than she’s bored. Perhaps she buys herself a treat, just for kicks. Instant gratification with no need to tend it and nurture it and pour her own sweat and blood into its creation.

This can also be essence of The Empress. Great creativity, nurture and selflessness can only come to most of us when a break or an end can be seen, and often the inspiration that is the seed of creativity comes when we’re out of the ‘process’.

Every single card in the Tarot deck can be seen as filled with ease or difficulty, but just as in the more difficult cards there is antidote to the difficulty within the cards, those cards that show what can be seen as positive traits can be just as tiresome. And we’re allowed to reimagine them and create our own state of being, just as we’re allowed to imagine and build our own future.

Perhaps it is in reimagining these cards that we reach the state that the cards promise, only more smoothly. More organically.

If you reimagine cards simply because you want to, or because you feel in need of an antidote to whatever state the card shows you, I’d be interested to hear what they are!

See you again soon,

Fay xxx

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