Hi! Welcome to Trade Winds Tarot. I’m Fay, a long term Tarot enthusiast and Consultant. It’s a wonderful tool that can be put to work in ways that are of massive benefit to those of us who want to explore our selves, our place in the world and what we can do to enjoy life to the full in line with our own values.


This website is the home of my online work which is empowering people to read cards. The Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TradeWindsTarot/ is the home of my muggle world work as Tarot Consultant and healer. You can book your face to face consultations and channelled energy healing there. To book a telephone consultation with me message me via the Trade Winds Tarot Facebook page.

Tarot Consultations and healing are my work nowadays, mostly face to face at The Vault in Wallsend, Tyne and Wear where I also share channelled energy healing. I also do a lot of telephone consultations and the occassional email consultation.

When inspiration grabs me, I make runes from locally cut wood (Hadrians Wall Country), and beautiful embroidered tarot pouches.

Spare time is filled with gardening, walking Lily and Molly my two tiny frantic jack russels, reading and a bit of gardening (my garden is tiny).

I think the whole focus of my reading, writing and healing is to empower people to explore. Explore themselves, their environment and the effects that the environment and those around them have on them. Explore their desires and needs, their options and strengths, opportunities and obstacles. Once folks can do this, they are much more able to feel responsible for their own lives, choices, actions, reactions and thoughts

We all have our own internal trade winds that we can take advantage of to aid us in our life’s voyages – all we need to do is find them and adjust our sails from time to time. Divination with cards and channelled healing can help.

mark twain meme
The quotation from Mark Twain that inspired the name ‘Trade Winds Tarot’


If you come for a consultation or a workshop with me in person, it’ll be at The Vault Creative Wellbeing Centre in Wallsend. It’s a fabulous place where people come to find their way back to wellbeing. Here you will meet people like Shaun McCowie of ASCA Counselling North East, a person centred counsellor who specialises in trauma from abuse http://www.ascanortheast.co.uk (he works worldwide via skype or in person), Christine Headland, a shaman and sound healer http://www.peacepipecirclewoman.weebly.com, Louisa Taylor of Metanoia Mindfulness Living an advocate and teacher of mindfulness