My name is Fay and I live on the northeast coast of England with my partner Rob, Lily and Molly the frantic and very noisy Jack Russel terriers and Cobbler the chaos cat.



Online readings at home

Ever since I was a child, helping people to find what helps them to navigate through difficult times and find joy, ease and comfort has been a major driving force for me. I believe that my life choices and experiences have all been a direct result of this.

Tarot found me when I was aged 20, a student nurse on nightshift. I was expecting my first child and finding it very difficult to stay awake when the ward was quiet. Quite by chance, I happened upon a tin containing a tarot deck and a book on the bargain bookstand in a local supermarket and purchased it. I figured it would be the perfect way to occupy my hands and mind in the wee small hours. My first reading, with book in hand was a couple of weeks later. Reading from the companion book, I was puzzled that the written meanings didn’t convey what I saw in the cards, so I put it down and ‘said what I saw’.  To the delight of my colleague, the reading was insightful and accurate and described her dilemma perfectly.

Two pieces of feedback that I had recently from different clients made me smile – one lady told me that I had to be wrong. There was no way she’d be working in the weight loss industry. She had no intention of changing jobs. She dropped me a line recently, she’d come across the reading I’d done for her around a year ago and wanted me to know that she is indeed in the weight loss industry (and doing very well too!).

Another client told me that she was not considering moving home, and was quite put out that I’d suggested that this may well be happening for her. She moved home three months later.

My guardian angel, and sometimes other angels and guides are who I call in to prompt me to see what I need to see and say what I need to say for the highest good of the client. I believe that insights come from the collective conciousness via the clients guides. My own guides give me ‘downloads’, and help me to feel and see from time to time. The majority of the reading does come from the cards themselves – but the right cards don’t just turn up accidentally, I guess there’s alittle bit of magick in there somewhere.

My reading style is empowering, uplifting and empathetic. Collaboration is important to me as it means that focus can be greatest where the client feels greatest need. My intention is that a client has absolute clarity on their issues and feels empowered and uplifted by the insights and guidance in a reading.

I strongly believe that life is a course that can be plotted, adjusted and adapted according to the prevailing conditions. There is always guidance and support at hand.

I was a mental health nurse for twenty years, before leaving the profession due to challenging health problems. This allowed me to explore ways to help others in a much deeper way. I discovered that I’m a natural channel for healing with universal life force energy and can tap into insights and guidance from the angelic realms by using Tarot and oracle cards as spring boards.

All ‘in person’ readings and healings are at The Vault Creative Wellbeing Centre in Wallsend, Tyne and Wear, a beautiful place which offers space to complementary therapists, readers and healers of all kinds, I read Tarot and Oracle and teach the Tarot here as well as organise events and carry out channelled healings. Online readings are usually done from my reading table in my home.

Diving deeply into issues at The Vault Creative Wellbeing Centre in Wallsend, Tyne and Wear

Arthurian myths have been a part of my life since childhood, they speak to me of the land and peoples I am a part of. The earth, it’s seasons and cycles, mood, balance and wellbeing is a central tenet of any spiritual work I undertake. The older I get, the more important this becomes.

Higher vibrational help from the angelic realms also features prominently in my life and in my readings. Particularly for others within Oracle readings, Tarot readings and in healing.


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