Hi! Welcome to Trade Winds Tarot.

I’m Fay, a Tarot nerd, reader and teacher with a bit of an obsession with the essence of the Tarot.


Because if Tarot is read by its essence it hands the power right back to the reader and the person being read for. It allows us to ask the right questions of ourselves. It offers solutions to problems. Highlights our strengths and how to use them to balance out or overcome our weaknesses. It acknowledges the tough times and encourages us to move forwards.

If you’re interested in learning to read Tarot at its’ essence I’m your gal. If you would like a reading because you’re determined to make the very best life you can for yourself I’m your gal.

I work face to face with folks, and for the foreseeable future I am offering Tarot and Rune Readings and Tarot Tuition on a ‘pay what you can afford’ basis. All sessions are held on Facebook Video Messenger and you can book here


mark twain meme
The quotation from Mark Twain that inspired the name ‘Trade Winds Tarot’