Empower Yourself With A Reading

Trade Winds readings are for those who are ready to be proactive in creating their very best future. I will focus on people who have made the choice to take the bull by the horns and make positive changes. I promise that fully commiting to working with the insights and guidance from my readings will empower you to become the person that CAN

A Tarot Reading By Telephone

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A half hour Tarot reading by telephone (UK only). I can usually fit in a telephone reading at some point on the day you contact me if you call for an appointment early in the day.

Voicemail or Text 07872887863 or send a message via the contact page to schedule your reading. Payment after appointment is made

Tarot Reading By Phone

Pay when your appointment is confirmed


A Tarot Reading

On an issue or question of your choosing


In your inbox within 72 hours or in person at The Vault – investment  £25


Tarot Reading

An in-depth Tarot reading by email or at The Vault on an issue of your choice (excluding legal, financial, medical other than in the most general terms).



Angelic Perspective Oracle Spread

On an issue of your choosing either by email or in person at The Vault



Angelic Perspective Reading

A reading from the perspective of your Guardian Angel on the issue of your choosing. Please contact me via the contact form and share with me as much detail as you feel comfortable about the issue you’d like the angel’s perspective on.


Twelve Months Ahead Oracle Spread

A perfect birthday or new year gift or treat for yourself in person at The Vault or by email



Twelve Month Oracle card reading.

Please contact me with as much information about the issues you’d like explored in this twelve-month oracle card reading as you feel comfortable to share.