Confident Card Reading Courses

My Bespoke Tarot courses are for the people who believe that Tarot can Rock their world, and potentially that of the people they read for. I will focus on people who are dedicated to finding their Tarot mojo in order to create positive change for themselves and others. I promise that fully immersing in a Trade Winds bespoke card reading course will empower you to become the reader that CAN

One to one coaching via skype or at The Vault Creative Wellbeing Centre will empower you to become the reader you’ve always dreamed of becoming, whether you are an absolute beginner or wishing to brush up on your skills in order to begin to read professionally.

My area of expertise is in using the tarot as a tool of self exploration and development whether for ones self or others.

Because all five sessions are prepared and tailored to your own individual needs I only take two students at any one time in order to give you the highest quality teaching that you’ll find anywhere on the internet. You can also take advantage of the opportunity to email me once each week (five emails in total), with any questions that you may have

You will never find a generic one course fits all offering from me. I whole heartedly believe that we are inspired by different decks, we read for different purposes and our belief sets are so different, that we do ourselves a disservice in terms of finding our own tarot mojo if we begin from a ‘one course fits all’ perspective. Further investigation and reading and learning comes AFTER finding our Tarot mojo, so this is our starting point. Tarot mojo in a week, and then deep dive into the deck and system that you have chosen over the next four.

Confident Card Reading

Five, one hour sessions via skype or at The Vault (and five support emails)